The Final Week

Hey yall! It was good skyping with you guys yesterday and glad to see things are going good. This week was pretty good. I've been trying to just experience everything super danish again right before I take off so we made for example flæske steg which is divine. I also had a fun birthday. The ward sang to me and stuff so that was really cool. But ya other than that just a bunch of small, but good stuff. Anyways, hope yall have a great week! 
Ældste Pike

These are a funny looking pastry, a classic looking danish house, and me getting "Killed" by Ældste Hendriksen

Are you still a fan of ice cream?

Hey yall! So to quickly explain the the subject for this email. Mom, you asked me that blasphemous question today... Dont you know me?? However this begs the question how good is danish ice cream? Let me just tell you I've had people argue about whether it is better than Italian Ice cream. I've never been to italy so I dont really know but based on personal experience and what the scale says, probably half the weight I've gained from my mission is in ice cream. And no, I dont regret it one bit :)
Anyways, speaking of getting fat, we realized I had a bit of extra money left over this week so we went and had the ultimate fatty attack by going to 2 buffets in 3 days :) Also we have been focusing a lot lately on trying to focus on finding religious people to find and teach, because there is really not very many people who believe in anything at all here. So we have trying to find ways we can help volunteer at folkekirke aktivities and stuff and pretty much invade the folkekirke without offending anybody. Finally we had an eating appointment with a couple members, one of whom is from chile, so she made completos for us which was awesome! Never thought I'd eat those here in Denmark. Needless to say it was a great week for food. 

Have a great week yall! Love you tons!
Ældste Pike