Random trip to Århus :)‏

Hey everyone! I am so glad to hear that you all had really good weeks this week and also Happy Thanksgiving! yall will have to pick up the slack and eat more for me :) 

So this week has probably been the best week on the mission for me so far! Aalborg is just amazing! We have several progressing investigators here and the work is just moving great here! Also this week we made a baptismal date with a greenlandic man named sakarias! They are a part member family who are just amazing! Also we had a baptism with a man named Brian on Saturday! They found him like 6 weeks ago and taught him everything and got baptized this weekend and so it was fun to just kinda walk into that one. Also I freaking love the ward here! They are so awesome and we have like 2-3 dinner appointments a week which is just awesome! Thats awesome too because now I really speaking danish all the time and I have seen my danish progress a ton just in the last week! 

Also I have already seen so many little miracles throughout this week its just awesome! It also amazes me that there are actually people here who want to talk to us. 

Now to explain the subject. On Thursday president Sederholm came to visit our district during district meeting which was great btw. But after he left he ended up forgetting his laptop and stuff at the church so me and Ældste Wilsher got to steal the sisters car and drive all the way to Århus to deliver his stuff to a sister couple who were on their way to Copenhagen that night so that was fun.

To answer some questions: Yes mom, I have a light on my bike... Actually Denmark is like the biggest biking country in the world so its a law to have lights on your bike.

The pictures of the Reuters and Carl I sent last week. yes they are members in skive grenen. Unfortunately I dont have addresses or anything for them and even if I did I probably wouldnt send it cuz im not allowed to give personal info of ppl out especially over email :)

Also, everyone here has already had Christmas stuff out since like the beginning of November and like the city is already decked out with lights and Christmas trees and stuff its nuts. Ive been listening to Christmas music since oktober so Im pretty pumped for my first danish Christmas! 

Thats it for this week! I hope you all continue to have an awesome week and especially an awesome thanksgiving! Thank you guys so much for all the prays as well. They really make a huge difference:)

Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

The Promised Land!

Hey everyone! Im super stoked to hear that everyone is doing super good except for the weather. Id like to say that I hope it warms up but It probably wont. sorry ;) No but its actually pretty warm here like probably mid 40s ish. (they use celcius here so I have no idea) so thats been nice but the sun just doesnt shine here, like ever actually.

Anyway, so I have arrived here in Aalborg and I am super stoked! Everyone has been telling me all week that Aalborg is way nice and is one of the best areas and that there are a ton of missionaries WHO want to serve here so I feel pretty Lucky. My companion is named Elder Wilsher and he is from England! He is freakin hilarious and I think well get along great!

I am going to miss Viborg though. It is an absolutely gorgeous Little city and had so many great people. It was tough to say goodbye but I am excited for the new adventures!

Thats really all I have this week. I hope you all have an awesome week this week!
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

P.S. These are some of the people we taught. The first is of a less active named Rune. the second is of another less active Family we taught a ton named Jakob, Steen (the younger boy) and Ana (the mom) WHO wasnt home when we took the pick but they are a crazy Family.

The next pic is a Family named the Reuters WHO are just awesome! She is one of the best Cooks ever!

The last is of a recent convert named Carl. man he is a champ.

Transfers, Flat Tires, and the Turkey Bowl‏

Hey everybody! A couple shout outs, first to my bro Cameron who is trying out for the basketball team at school Good luck bro! Second, shout out to my awesome parents who celebrated 22 years of marriage this week! Congratulations guys you are a huge example to me of what a relationship should look like. Love you guys tons! 

So this week was freakin rough at the start. Like nothing was going for us and I was just absolutely plagued with flat tires. I had 5 flat tires Count it 5!! Ridiculous. However, week turned completely around on Saturday. Up until this point we had nothing in regards to numbers. But then on Saturday we ended up having 5 lessons and finding 3 new investigators! It was a good day that day :)

Also on Thursday we had zone conference which is all the missionaries on Jylland and Fyn and had a pretty intense training. We made some pretty crazy goals for our mission so Im excited. But, the most important part was the Turkey bowl! It was flippin fun and I got to be QB most the time so that was fun. Actually did pretty good so Im proud of myself for that haha :D

Anyway, the big news this week is that we just got transfer calls like literally 5 minutes ago! I am being transferred to Aalborg and being companions with elder Wilsher so Im pretty excited for that. I am going to really miss Viborg though. It is an absolutely gorgeous little city but Im excited for the change as well. 

Anyway, thanks for all yalls support and prayers, it really makes a huge difference. 

Meget kærlighed, Ældste Pike

Bike wrecks, tooth aches, and gummy snakes‏

Hey everybody! Thats great to hear about all the adventures on Halloween! As missionaries you cant really do anything but we tried to still celebrate as much as possible :)

So this week we spent most of the time trackting...

And that does it for this email. talk to yall next week. haha just kidding. I do have a couple experiences. So on Tuesday we were eating lunch and 15 minutes before a lesson my companion just starts moanin like a freaking whale. I ask whats up and he says "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I think we need to go to the doctor" apperently his jaw made a loud cracking sound and he couldnt move it. So we skip the lesson and go to the doctor. We wait in the waiting room for dayz and after a few hours he finally gets called in. 2 Minutes later my comp comes back out and says hes ready to go. My first thought is "WHAT THE FETCH?" Long story short, we think that my comp just dislocated his jaw or something but the doctor said it was an infection and prescribed penicillin... thanks doc. I will just say this, based on this experience, and my own personal experiences as countless other horror stories I have heard, Socialized health care is a very bad idea.

Then, I had a tragic accident on my bike this week. So I was hauling down the street on my bike and it had been raining earlier so it was way wet and slippery. There were some speed bumps coming up and I was like "heck no! Im not about that life!" So I try going up over the curb onto the sidewalk and my front tire slips out and I go flying. It was a pretty intense wreck cuz I was going way fast but dont worry, becuase of my epic tuck and roll landing I only ended up scraping up my left leg. Not bad at all though. Mostly just hurt my pride...

Now to halloween! They unfortunately don't celebrate Halloween here in Denmark but us and the skive elders decided to party it up anyway. We went to this place called sliktrolden which is basically like willy wonkas candy land. So while we were going buck wild in there, I glance over to see the most heavenly sight. A BOX OF METER LONG GUMMY SNAKES!! Wooh Hoo!! Needless to say I grabbed the whole thing. =D 

Anyway, that was my week! Sorry it was so long. Love you guys tons and want yall to know I pray for you guys all the time :)
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike