Great News!

Hey everyone! I am glad to hear everything is still going good. I actually have some big news though. We got transfer call this week and guess what? IM PREGNANT!!!! yes thats right Im am going to be training up here in Frederikshavn! I am super pumped but also a little nervous, but mostly just pumped. I am going to find out who I am training when I get to Copenhagen so right now they have me on like a crazy trip down there so right now I am in Århus and will be here until tomorrow, then Ill head to Taastrup and then Wednesday morning finally into Copenhagen. So that means that Ældste Gudmundson got transferred to Herning. 
So other than that there havnt been too many different things. It has been really sad saying goodbye to so many missionaries who are leaving or just getting transferred out of our distrikt. There were a lot of big changes with new positions and stuff like that this time around so its been a little crazy. Also something pretty cool was that we got to go up to skagen and see an old church getting buried in the sand so that was neat. 
Anyways, Have a great week yall and remember, the wise man built his house upon a rock, NOT the sand! 
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

Medieval Festival‏

Hey everyone! Im glad it was a really good week. I finally saw a picture of cameron for the first time since he like got braces on and I almost fell off my chair I was so shocked. You look way different bro! 
This week was really good. On Monday we went to Voergaard Slot which was way awesome. They had like a huge medieval festival going on so everything was decked out like in the old medieval days. It was seriously way awesome! They even had a giant tribuchet launching these fire balls into the moat. It was seriously the bomb I totally felt like a little kid there. My nerdy was coming out so much haha. On tuesday we had our interviews with president O'bryant which went really well. We also had a zone training in Århus this week as well which was a lot of fun. Its always a lot of fun to see all your old buddies again. On saturday we finally got to go up to Skagen. Unfortunately we didnt have any time to go sight seeing at all but we did find a new investigator from Lithuania and had an awesome lesson with him.  We start talking and teaching a little and randomly one of the first things he says is I want to quit smoking can you guys help me with that. So we showed him the addictive recovery program that the church has online and talked about the restoration with a special emphasis on priesthood. We told him that we have the priesthood and could give him a blessing to help him quit. He agreed and we did it. He was just overwhelmed with the spirit and just kept telling us what an amazing feeling it was. We had a super great lesson with him and he invited us to come back this saturday! Finally, yesterday in church we had almost 70 people there which is awesome! (like 30 more than we usually have) so that was great. Later that day to we had an eating appointment with a guy named Kalle who speaks kinda weird danish and is an old fisherman. He is awesome! He is also very well known for his cooking so I was mentally preparing myself all day and it was so worth it! Like seriously the best meal on the planet. I had a total fatty attack I ate so much. Best day ever.
Anyway, that was pretty much this week. It was way good, things are really starting to pick up here and theres just so many fun things to do here. Also we get transfer calls on Thursday but Im not expecting to move or anything. 
Have a great week yall!
Love, Ældste Pike

Que Fak? (Dont ask me how its really spelled)‏

Hey everyone sounds like it was a pretty crazy/fun week this week! Made for pretty entertaining emails this week though :) Tak for det!

Right now I am sitting at the church eating a bunch of strawberries that we saw for 5 kroner (Thats a steal btw!) Overall it was a good week! There was a giant soccer tournament here in Frederikshavn where it was like a bunch of youth in different age Groups from all over the World there. The U.S. was also there so that was way fun to stop and talk to them on the streets and stuff.

We have also been teaching and talking to a bunch more middle Eastern people lately. Its way awesome because we have even started learning a Little arabic now so now whenever we walk up and say "que fak" (Hows it going) they freak out and instantly become our best friends haha.

The Work here is still going really slow but Theres a lot of really neat Places to visit and Things to do to keep us sane up here so thats good. Plus the members are really great and treat us well. This past sunday was also really great because I got to give our recent convert John the priesthood! He is just so awesome and every time we meet with him it just puts me in a great mood. Whenever we meet he teaches me way more Things about the gospel than I could ever teach him. Plus he is insane at the guitar and always goes to random Places to perform.

Anyway, thats about it for this week. Keep on keepin on yall! Love you Guys so much! have a good one!

ps. heres a cannon pointed out over the ocean.

Short and Sweet

Hey yall! Sorry I dont have much time today so Im gonna make this short and sweet. So this week has been way great! We had a ton of Little adventures this week and just had a blast! The members have just been taking way good care of us and have been taking us out to a bunch of sites around Frederikshavn. One fun thing we did was on Saturday a member took us up to Pikkebakke which is a hill that overlooks the Whole city and my companion brought his bagpipes (yes he plays those really well) and just contacted all the sightseers using that. Even the cops came up to see us haha (see pic). But ya Things are going really well and Im having a ton of fun up here :)

Have a great week yall!
Love Ældste Pike