Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår!‏

Hey yall! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas! My Christmas was great! The Ward members took way good care of us and I absolutely loved skyping you Guys! 

This week we basically spent so much time at members´ houses that the Whole week was like a p-day. It was great =) Oh we also went to like a 1000 year old Viking graveyard which was awesome!  This week its basically back to the old grind though (except for nytår).

This year the snow barely missed us on the 25th but hit hard on the 26th. Needless to say biking was pretty entertaining though...

The baptism on Saturday went great as well! Everything went as smooth as butter on a roll. Honestly though it was one of the most spiritual experiences ever. Some very powerful testimonies were given. Also Sakarias´ niese (WHO is also a new convert) surprised him by singing a song she had translated into Greenlandic! It was really cool.

Have a great new year celebration and make this year the best one yet! I encourage you all WHO made new years resolutions to be hipster and follow through with it. =)

Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

p.s. Danish Word of the week: DÅB!

God Jul!!!!‏

Hey everyone! First I wanted to say thank you all so much for all the awesome letters and warm messages yall wrote! They were the best!! Like totally just made my week!  Also a shout out to the best mom in the world! happy Birthday mama!!

The past week has been super duper busy but also freakin fun! We have been working really hard with our investigator Sakarias lately because he is getting baptized this Saturday!!! It has stressed the crap out of me though because he has a very strong addiction to alcohol so we have been trying to keep as close contact with him as possible and its just been nuts!

But ya Im out of time right now but just know that it was an awesome week. Miricles happened, Jesus is awesome, and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas week and I cant wait to Skype on Thursday!

Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

Drifting in a Castle parking lot‏

Hey friends and Family! I am so glad to hear how well everyone has been doing and all the letters and emails I recieved this week. Thank you all so much for your love and support. I really Means a lot :)

This week started out with us stealing the sisters car and drifiting it in a Castle parking lot. After that, I knew it was going to be a good week! ;)

So its been great to see some of the Danish traditions for Christmas over the past month. For example, we had the Ward Juletræ fest where they basically sing songs, hold hands, and dance and run around the Christmas tree. Its basically exactly what the WHOs do in WHOville. Im not even joking. And its so much fun!!

This week has been packed with similar Christmas festivities and Things which has made it one of the funnest weeks here on my mission. But
unfortunetaly I dont have a ton of time to write much more. Just know that I love serving here in Aalborg, Things have been way fun and everyday I see a tender mercy of the Lord that strengthens my testimony that much more. I am so grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ and his atonement for me. I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life and to have the opportunity to share that message to the people of Denmark.

Love you Guys tons!

Ældste Pike

P.S. Danish Word of the Day: SEJE FYRE
First LDS Church Building in Denmark

Standing in a WWII Bunker

6 month mark... already?!‏

Hey yall! Im glad to hear that everyone is doing pretty good. Thats awesome that lindsey started working now. Sounds like a fun job. Also I am super happy that your alright mom and that nobody got injured!

So this week has been relativily the same but just busy. We had our zone conference this week in Århus and talked about our goals and missionary stuff like that. But the best part (aside from being able to see everyone Again) was watching Frozen! Gosh thats a good flik haha.

Also as yall can see by the subject I hit my 6 month mark on my mission this week. just fyi.

spiritual thought for the week (I should prolly do these more): So in case anyone forgot Christmas is this month which Means celebrating and remembering the birth and life of the saviour (of course all the other stuff is great too :D) But Jesus Christ is the ultimate gift, given to us by a loving heavenly father. Through his atonement we can be free from the pains of sin, addiction, and every physical, mental, and emotional pain we feel. Because of him and his love for each and every one of us. This is my favorite part of the gospel. He has given us so much but Theres really not much we can do to give back. We can serve others and try to do all we can to follow the saviour and become like him. So this Christmas season, I will challenge you all to think of all the Things you can do to give back. Goals you can make for this new year to become more like christ whether it be developing a christ like attribute or following a specific commandment better. Then write them Down. This is kinda like a new years resolution but not really because you actually follow through... right ;)

So ya thats that. A funny/sad/horrible story this week was when I ran into a member from skive at the store. I asked what she was doing here in Aalborg and she said she was here for her grandsons funeral (begravelse). I already know what that Word meant but just mixed it up with another Word (bevagelse) which Means like movement. So I thought she was helping her grandson move or something....ya... so I said "Wow that should be fun!!" In like the happiest most enthusiastic tone ever. Then she said very sadly, "no you dont understand, im here for my grandsons funeral" (This is all in Danish of course) and then it clicked... Oh Crap!!!! I still feel bad about it.

Have an awesome week everyone and do something fun!
Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

Christmas is in the Air!‏

Hey Family and friends! I am so glad to hear that thanksgiving was a blast and that you Guys had the chance to hygge jer! We really have so much to be thankful for! We have been blesses so much!

This week nothing terribly exciting happened. Everyone is getting really pumped about Christmas though! All the cities are just decked out with christams trees and lights all over the place its really cool! Also the members just have made a crap ton of eating appointments and stuff for us this month so thats great! In fact, the church came out with this new video which is actually really good! its on Check it out and share or something on facebook!

A kind of weird story from this week. So we contacted this guy WHO kno a ton about the church and was talking about temples and stuff. He said he was a member for like 30 years and was excommunicated like 10 years ago . He said he really wanted to talk and seemed super positive! So a couple days later we met at the church and started the lesson. It actually started out great just as we expected. Then, after a while the conversation started getting a Little weird and I noticed that something was just off about this guy. Finally, by the end we realized the reason this guy was excommunicated as he said he was a "prophet" for his own church! So ya, that was a bit weird but even more weird was that I could just feel something was off about him and just didnt feel good about it even though he was super nice and friendly. Safe to say we Arent planning on meeting with him Again.

I hope you all have an awesome week this week! The church is true and I hope you all remember what Christmas is really all about.
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

P.S. Danish Word of the day: en skib