A Humbling Experience

Hey Guys! So this week has been pretty good in some ways and not so good in others. The good news is that I got to go to Copenhagen again for my one month meeting! That was pretty fun seeing everyone from the MTC Again. It was different from what I expected cuz it was just basically a meeting with the president getting us pumped up to do missionary Work and not a one on one interview with him like what I was expecting. Anyway, after the boring stuff we actually went through the Temple which is just gorgeous on the inside and actually a lot bigger than it looks. It goes Down like 3 stories under ground so ya. Also we watched the old movie in Danish which was interesting. Couldn't understand so good but it was still fun. Unfortunately we didn't have any time to go around and see any sites. I'm convinced the only way I'll get to do that is if I serve there.
Anyway, the bad news is that because our trip took so much time and because my comps bike completely fell apart we didn't get hardly anything done this week which sucks but will hopefully get better this week.
A cool story though I wanna share: So a couple weeks ago we met with an inactive member named Leslie WHO is actually from provo and married a Dane and moved here to Viborg. We finally got in after not meeting with her for a very long time and had a good Little chat. We found out that she actually got offended while she was in the Skive Branch and hadnt been back to church in over 12 years.  after a fairly long talk with her we asked if we can share a short spiritual message which was on 1 Nephi 3:7. She says sure but then asks us about whether we do our studies every day. Weird question but ya we said we do. She then goes on this flippin rant about how shes grown up in the church her Whole life, she knows that scripture like the back of her hand and basically chewed us out because she didnt think we taught with the spirit and basically just went through the motions. She was trying to be polite about it but was actually quite offensive but we kept our cool and stood our ground! We told her exactly why we chose that scripture and why we though it Applied to her in her life. I then ended by just telling her like look, you can come to church in Skive where we will be there for you or you can even just go to church in Randers but the important thing is that you need to go to church Again. She said shed think about it and we left a little surprised and a little upset about what she said. We havent had any contact since then but we have actually come to find out that she has gone to the Randers Branch the last two weeks in a row and even brought her inactive son and his wife and they now want to get their new baby blessed! It was amazing how the spirit humbled her enough to return to church Again after 12 years and how it really humbled us as well.
So thats basically whats going on here. Havent had too much success other than with Leslie but we're still truckin. Also I'm gonna start keeping a record of consecutive days its rained here because I think it has rained at least once every single day for the last month.
Har det godt!
Ældste Jeremy Pike
P.S. Pictures in skive and eating an African meal (wasn't too bad)

Aalestrup, not Ulstrup!‏

So this week was pretty adventurous. On Wednesday we went Down to Copenhagen for a mission conference which was really great. We had a great training and I learned a lot. We didnt get to stay in Copenhagen at all cuz we had to leave immediately after the meeting so that was a bummer. Then on Thursday and Saturday we met up with the skive elders and set up a booth on the Gå Gale in both Viborg and Skive to try to attract more attention and get more ppl informed. It actually turned out really well and we ended up getting several more possible investigators in both cities.
So I actually have a funny story too. So this week we got a referral to go give the Tongan Lady a Blessing cuz she has had some bad Medical probs lately. Super nice lady. Anyway, On Friday, we headed out to Ulstup which is like a 30 min train ride however, The office told us the wrong city and it was actually in Aalestrup. So ya we went to the wrong town and wasted a ton of time but no probs we would just reschedule and meet tomorrow. Saturday evening rolls around and we flippin barely missed our bus to Aalestup!! So now were like flip lets just catch the NeXT one and well just get in late tonight. So we catch the NeXT bus and drive out like 45 minutes outside of Viborg to this town. Give her the Blessing and had an amazing lesson with her. The spirit was just so strong. about an hour later we walk outta there, bam fist bump, feelin great. Get back to the bus station and there are no more busses going back to Viborg.... So now its like 9 pm so we just start walking back in the pitch Black. (it was too expensive to rent a hotel) so we walking and my comp calls the district leader to let him know and the district leader has to call a member to pick us up! So ya totally felt bad about that and he called the mission president and told him so ya.
On a better not we get to go to Copenhagen Again this week! We get to go through the temple too which should be cool.
Anyway, have an awesome week yall!
Ældste Jeremy Pike

The Place is Hoppin

Hey yall!!
So Things have been going really well here in Little Viborg. The Work has really picked up this last week and we have just been cranking out lessons like crazy this week. The Work has just picked up a ton and we have started teaching 2 new investigators so hopefully we can lead them to baptism.  All of our investigators are positive, some more than others but all of them are just slow moving so were just trying to be patient and wait until they are ready to be baptized. This week we have like no pday though cuz we have a bunch of appointments we gotta go to so hopefully They go really well. Last week was the same way where we were rushin like crazy to get to appointments but turns out they all bailed on us and we ended up wasting our entire pday so if that happens Again imma be ticked... Oh also we are planning this like book of mormon Tower thing to talk to people on the streets to get people interested/ informed about mormons. We doing it in Skive and possibly in Viborg too because Things have been going really slow in Skive lately so we're hopefully gonna get the ball rollin Again up there.

Anyway, I had my first zone training in Århus this week which was a blast! I met a ton of the other missionaries and actually found out that one of my buddies from J.L. Sorensen named Ældste Madsen is serving here in Aalborg!! So that was way fun getting caught up with him. Its gonna be awesome though. So this week we get to go Down to København (Copenhagen) for mission conference, then the NeXT week we get to go there Again for my one month visit with the pres. and thennnnnnn we get to go there again for David A. Bednar so ya, pretty stoked about that.

So I have this great experience too, so there is this guy named Gday WHO lives right NeXT to us in our Apartment complex. He is just a super chill guy and hes actually American which is just amazing to get to talk to Americans Again. Anyway, he is a professional soccer player here in Denmark and plays for the Viborg Ultimates and totally invited us to the NeXT home game!!!  Freakin pumped for that like seriously made my day!!

Me eating a kebab in Randers that was seriously as big as my arm
Other than that not much has changed. still have a way hard time understanding people in Danish but its getting a Little better every week so forhåbentlig it starts coming a Little faster. Gosh You beautiful people, Go do something amazing already haha!!!!!
Hakuna Matata!
Ældste Jeremy Pike

Ahhh Jeg har ikke tid!!‏

So this week was actually really fun. We spent like half the week with the Skive Elders doing service and Things like that. Then we had splits in Skive which was way fun! They are like the coolest Guys ever and I love spending time with them!

We've had a pretty busy week helping the members out and Things like that. Im starting to get to know a few of them really good too which is awesome cuz they are just awesome! I have a funny story from this week. Actually its not really funny. So we were helping this chick named Mette move this week and she has been an investigator for a while now and is actually getting baptized this month. However, She is absolutely psycho. She is so crazy in fact, that the government took away her son which has actually made her about 100 times more crazy than she was. To give you a small flavor of what she is like, you first have to know that she is skitzophrenic and is always rants about the illuminati, World war 3, crazy police that do bizarre Things to her, and Things of this nature. But ya, since she just got her son taken away she is completely losing it. So ya, we got to deal with that for a couple days this week and ya. If yall could pray for her that would be awesome cuz she is really going through a struggle.

On a happier note, I feel my Danish is getting a Little bit better. This week i was actually able to start understanding Things from Danish people so its improving. Also, speaking of language I am actually starting to pick up a Little bit of Swahili! haha. An area we always teach in has probably half the population of the Congo living there so ya We know everybody from the congo. In fact we actually went to a Wedding reception yesterday for one of our awesome friends from there and it was seriously the funnest thing. We were the only White people there and the Whole thing was in Swahili but it was awesome. The african food was actually pretty good and I even ate a full on Fish head! The musik and show they put on was freaking cool too. It was funny because while they were taking pics of the themselves and the maid of honor and best man and all those peeps, they pulled us into a few of the pics so that was cool. Hopefully I can send some pics of that later haha.

K now I will fly through yalls questions:

Street contacting has been the most effective for us recently. My trainer does most the teaching cuz I usually have no idea whats going on but Im teaching a Little more each time. We have zone training this week so we get to go to Århus and then we get to go to København twice in the NeXT 2 months so I totally stoked about that. Yes, I am completely fat and out of shape from eating so much pastries but all the biking is helping me out a Little haha! The weather is finally more like I predicted it would be, cooler, flipping rainy, and overcast and depressing looking all the time.

Anyway, I gotta go. I hope yall have an awesome week this week!
Hakuna Matata!!
Ældste Jeremy Pike
The Dom Kirke