Aalestrup, not Ulstrup!‏

So this week was pretty adventurous. On Wednesday we went Down to Copenhagen for a mission conference which was really great. We had a great training and I learned a lot. We didnt get to stay in Copenhagen at all cuz we had to leave immediately after the meeting so that was a bummer. Then on Thursday and Saturday we met up with the skive elders and set up a booth on the Gå Gale in both Viborg and Skive to try to attract more attention and get more ppl informed. It actually turned out really well and we ended up getting several more possible investigators in both cities.
So I actually have a funny story too. So this week we got a referral to go give the Tongan Lady a Blessing cuz she has had some bad Medical probs lately. Super nice lady. Anyway, On Friday, we headed out to Ulstup which is like a 30 min train ride however, The office told us the wrong city and it was actually in Aalestrup. So ya we went to the wrong town and wasted a ton of time but no probs we would just reschedule and meet tomorrow. Saturday evening rolls around and we flippin barely missed our bus to Aalestup!! So now were like flip lets just catch the NeXT one and well just get in late tonight. So we catch the NeXT bus and drive out like 45 minutes outside of Viborg to this town. Give her the Blessing and had an amazing lesson with her. The spirit was just so strong. about an hour later we walk outta there, bam fist bump, feelin great. Get back to the bus station and there are no more busses going back to Viborg.... So now its like 9 pm so we just start walking back in the pitch Black. (it was too expensive to rent a hotel) so we walking and my comp calls the district leader to let him know and the district leader has to call a member to pick us up! So ya totally felt bad about that and he called the mission president and told him so ya.
On a better not we get to go to Copenhagen Again this week! We get to go through the temple too which should be cool.
Anyway, have an awesome week yall!
Ældste Jeremy Pike