The Place is Hoppin

Hey yall!!
So Things have been going really well here in Little Viborg. The Work has really picked up this last week and we have just been cranking out lessons like crazy this week. The Work has just picked up a ton and we have started teaching 2 new investigators so hopefully we can lead them to baptism.  All of our investigators are positive, some more than others but all of them are just slow moving so were just trying to be patient and wait until they are ready to be baptized. This week we have like no pday though cuz we have a bunch of appointments we gotta go to so hopefully They go really well. Last week was the same way where we were rushin like crazy to get to appointments but turns out they all bailed on us and we ended up wasting our entire pday so if that happens Again imma be ticked... Oh also we are planning this like book of mormon Tower thing to talk to people on the streets to get people interested/ informed about mormons. We doing it in Skive and possibly in Viborg too because Things have been going really slow in Skive lately so we're hopefully gonna get the ball rollin Again up there.

Anyway, I had my first zone training in Århus this week which was a blast! I met a ton of the other missionaries and actually found out that one of my buddies from J.L. Sorensen named Ældste Madsen is serving here in Aalborg!! So that was way fun getting caught up with him. Its gonna be awesome though. So this week we get to go Down to København (Copenhagen) for mission conference, then the NeXT week we get to go there Again for my one month visit with the pres. and thennnnnnn we get to go there again for David A. Bednar so ya, pretty stoked about that.

So I have this great experience too, so there is this guy named Gday WHO lives right NeXT to us in our Apartment complex. He is just a super chill guy and hes actually American which is just amazing to get to talk to Americans Again. Anyway, he is a professional soccer player here in Denmark and plays for the Viborg Ultimates and totally invited us to the NeXT home game!!!  Freakin pumped for that like seriously made my day!!

Me eating a kebab in Randers that was seriously as big as my arm
Other than that not much has changed. still have a way hard time understanding people in Danish but its getting a Little better every week so forhåbentlig it starts coming a Little faster. Gosh You beautiful people, Go do something amazing already haha!!!!!
Hakuna Matata!
Ældste Jeremy Pike