A Humbling Experience

Hey Guys! So this week has been pretty good in some ways and not so good in others. The good news is that I got to go to Copenhagen again for my one month meeting! That was pretty fun seeing everyone from the MTC Again. It was different from what I expected cuz it was just basically a meeting with the president getting us pumped up to do missionary Work and not a one on one interview with him like what I was expecting. Anyway, after the boring stuff we actually went through the Temple which is just gorgeous on the inside and actually a lot bigger than it looks. It goes Down like 3 stories under ground so ya. Also we watched the old movie in Danish which was interesting. Couldn't understand so good but it was still fun. Unfortunately we didn't have any time to go around and see any sites. I'm convinced the only way I'll get to do that is if I serve there.
Anyway, the bad news is that because our trip took so much time and because my comps bike completely fell apart we didn't get hardly anything done this week which sucks but will hopefully get better this week.
A cool story though I wanna share: So a couple weeks ago we met with an inactive member named Leslie WHO is actually from provo and married a Dane and moved here to Viborg. We finally got in after not meeting with her for a very long time and had a good Little chat. We found out that she actually got offended while she was in the Skive Branch and hadnt been back to church in over 12 years.  after a fairly long talk with her we asked if we can share a short spiritual message which was on 1 Nephi 3:7. She says sure but then asks us about whether we do our studies every day. Weird question but ya we said we do. She then goes on this flippin rant about how shes grown up in the church her Whole life, she knows that scripture like the back of her hand and basically chewed us out because she didnt think we taught with the spirit and basically just went through the motions. She was trying to be polite about it but was actually quite offensive but we kept our cool and stood our ground! We told her exactly why we chose that scripture and why we though it Applied to her in her life. I then ended by just telling her like look, you can come to church in Skive where we will be there for you or you can even just go to church in Randers but the important thing is that you need to go to church Again. She said shed think about it and we left a little surprised and a little upset about what she said. We havent had any contact since then but we have actually come to find out that she has gone to the Randers Branch the last two weeks in a row and even brought her inactive son and his wife and they now want to get their new baby blessed! It was amazing how the spirit humbled her enough to return to church Again after 12 years and how it really humbled us as well.
So thats basically whats going on here. Havent had too much success other than with Leslie but we're still truckin. Also I'm gonna start keeping a record of consecutive days its rained here because I think it has rained at least once every single day for the last month.
Har det godt!
Ældste Jeremy Pike
P.S. Pictures in skive and eating an African meal (wasn't too bad)