Ahhh Jeg har ikke tid!!‏

So this week was actually really fun. We spent like half the week with the Skive Elders doing service and Things like that. Then we had splits in Skive which was way fun! They are like the coolest Guys ever and I love spending time with them!

We've had a pretty busy week helping the members out and Things like that. Im starting to get to know a few of them really good too which is awesome cuz they are just awesome! I have a funny story from this week. Actually its not really funny. So we were helping this chick named Mette move this week and she has been an investigator for a while now and is actually getting baptized this month. However, She is absolutely psycho. She is so crazy in fact, that the government took away her son which has actually made her about 100 times more crazy than she was. To give you a small flavor of what she is like, you first have to know that she is skitzophrenic and is always rants about the illuminati, World war 3, crazy police that do bizarre Things to her, and Things of this nature. But ya, since she just got her son taken away she is completely losing it. So ya, we got to deal with that for a couple days this week and ya. If yall could pray for her that would be awesome cuz she is really going through a struggle.

On a happier note, I feel my Danish is getting a Little bit better. This week i was actually able to start understanding Things from Danish people so its improving. Also, speaking of language I am actually starting to pick up a Little bit of Swahili! haha. An area we always teach in has probably half the population of the Congo living there so ya We know everybody from the congo. In fact we actually went to a Wedding reception yesterday for one of our awesome friends from there and it was seriously the funnest thing. We were the only White people there and the Whole thing was in Swahili but it was awesome. The african food was actually pretty good and I even ate a full on Fish head! The musik and show they put on was freaking cool too. It was funny because while they were taking pics of the themselves and the maid of honor and best man and all those peeps, they pulled us into a few of the pics so that was cool. Hopefully I can send some pics of that later haha.

K now I will fly through yalls questions:

Street contacting has been the most effective for us recently. My trainer does most the teaching cuz I usually have no idea whats going on but Im teaching a Little more each time. We have zone training this week so we get to go to Århus and then we get to go to København twice in the NeXT 2 months so I totally stoked about that. Yes, I am completely fat and out of shape from eating so much pastries but all the biking is helping me out a Little haha! The weather is finally more like I predicted it would be, cooler, flipping rainy, and overcast and depressing looking all the time.

Anyway, I gotta go. I hope yall have an awesome week this week!
Hakuna Matata!!
Ældste Jeremy Pike
The Dom Kirke