Kickin Cobblestones

So this week has been tough to get appointments with people. Right now is sommerferie so tons of people have been out of town. We have set up a crap load of appointments for this week so Things will hopefully pick up Again. This week we spent a ton of time contacting on the streets and knocking doors and stuff like that and we have found 5 new potential investigators so hopefully that turns into something. Right now we have basically 3 solid investigators. One is named Lars and he is baptist but seems to be pretty interested in getting his Family to learn more about our church and I think is really taking the lessons well. Then we have Sandra WHO is a brazilian woman WHO also seems to be interested. She came to church last sunday but we just have a hard time meeting with her so its been hard to teach her more. Finally we have Moisa WHO is from the Congo. He speaks like 4 different languages but cant speak Danish very good yet so we have been teaching him very slowly in English because he has a hard time understanding that too. But he is moving along very well and we are actually planning on inviting him to baptism today so wish us luck! But ya a lot of the Work we do is working with less actives and trying to get them reactivated. We are actually really close with 2 people and are also getting close to get them back to the temple.

I totally love the members in our branch though! They are just the sweetest old people ever! We actually have 2 eating appointments with a couple of them this week too which is a miracle cuz there are so few members that we dont get to eat with them that often. But ya, from what I hear their cooking is just fantasisk so Im pretty stoked about that.

Also one thing that is kinda weird here in Denmark. So they dont have air conditioning and even fans are extremely rare to come by. I dont know why people dont have those here because it is fetching hot and humid here in the summer. I am literally sweating every second of the day. Theres your random fact about Denmark.

But ya its been a pretty long grouling week of contacting. I'm basically convinced now that I will just flat out be exhausted all the time for the Next 2 years.

My mission pres and his wife are super nice. His wife is a way good Cook. Honestly I havent spent that much time with them though but we are going back to København (Copenhagen) this month for my 1 month interview so I should hopefully get to know him a Little more.

Me out in front of the Dom Kirke in Viborg
The view from the bell Tower of the Dom Kirke

So Viborg is probably like a 3-4 hour train ride from København. We havent been on the lakes or anything but Theres a less active we have that likes to fish so hopefully we'll get to go fishin with em. Money is working out fine so far but its really tight. Everything here is a flat out rip off! I also got my bike this week which has been way nice not having to take a bus everywhere now.

Ældste Jeremy Pike