Food =)

Hey everybody! Im so glad to hear that things continue to go really well back home. 

So this week was pretty uneventful for the most part. We have basically spent the entire week stopping by old/dropped investigators and have actually started to teach some of them again which is way cool! We also had two (count it 2!!!) eating appointments this week! I mean its been slow this week but hopefully it will start picking up again.

To answer questions: YES Danish ice cream is the best thing ever!! Sooo great but freaking expensive so I dont get it that much but yum. Yes I will try to start taking pictures of investigators and members and stuff. As far as Danish dishes, basically they always eat the same things all the time (usually potatoes, gravy, and something with meat) but what Danes are really famous for are like the traditional holiday meals (like for Christmas) and their desserts. But yes I do try to make as much danish food as I can cuz it is pretty good. Also I just realized that most of this email is about food, hence the subject. 
Anyway, hope you all have an awesome week this week and do a bunch of way fun stuff for Halloween! I didnt really know how much I like halloween until I came here and dont have it. 

Hakuna Matata!
Ældste Pike

P.S. Heres a massive horse. Its like the symbol of Randers apparently.

October 20, 2014

Hey guys! I am so glad to hear that it was a pretty eventful week. Thats fun that you guys got school off this weekend to and got to do some fun stuff. I totally love hearing about all that!

So unfortunately my week wasnt terribly exciting. On a sad note like a bunch of our investigators dropped us this week so we have spent many hours contacting, knocking, stop bys, etc. Honestly Ive been a little worried to get some baptisms here because our branch is so tiny and so old that they are literally dying off. We have a couple members who are on their death beds right now so ya thats no bueno.  

On a brighter note, me and my comp are still getting along great! The language is coming along and I have actually started understanding a bit better what people say. Also me and my comp made some freaking delicious bread this week! Seriously it was like Grandma sycamores on steroids! 

But ya, that was basically my week. I hope you all have an awesome week this week! Love you guys!

Ældste Pike

alt er stille rolig =)‏

Hey yall! So this week was way good but ill be honest like it was pretty darn average. I did get my new companion Elder Warner this week! He is from Payson Utah and is just way corky which has been way fun. We get along great and have been working well together so thats good. He has been out for 15 months now so hes pretty experienced with this whole mission thing. 

So this week we have basically just doing a butt load of stop bys and contacting people and knocking doors and contacting some more people and knocking some more doors. Its been way good though, we still manage to make it fun.

So ive kinda started getting into this weird thing called cooking lately. Turns out its pretty fun and tastes pretty good too! So if yall got any awesome suggestions for things to cook or bake or whatever id love to try it out! Anyway, keep havin a great week you beautiful people and ill talk to ya next week!! Hakuna Matata!

Worst to First!

Hey yall! thanks Again for all the emails and such. It sounded like you all pretty much had an awesome week this week!
This week has also been pretty exciting for me as well. We had a zone training in Århus this week and got to play like capture the flag and soccer and stuff which was a blast. Then of course General conference this weekend was awesome. Watching it at 8 hours later though was a Little weird though. Had a lot of general authorities throwin it Down and callin people to repentance and stuff haha. I still havent seen the last session but my favorite talks were given by my home boy Dieter and Jeffrey R of course. So Good.
Anyway, the biggest news from this week was transfers this week! I am staying here in Viborg but I have a new companion named Elder Warner. I am freakin pumped about this upcoming transfer. Although the Work is slower than crap right now I have made some pretty darn ambitious goals I want to accomplish that will hopefully get this area moving Again. Itll be way hard but hopefully it will Work out. Worst to First baby here we go!! haha
Anyway, I hope everything continues to go well back home. Have a great week!
Ældste Pike

When it rains it pours...‏

First off thanks yall for all the emails this week! Evertime emailing time rolls around I always think of the song "Letters from home" by John Montgomery (at least I think its by him) haha.
So to describe the subject for this week, basically everybody and their mothers Brother has fallen off the face of the planet. Basically we couldnt get in contact with anyone to save our lives and everybody else either dropped us or has just stopped progressing. We spent FOUR DAYS contacting this week with no success. But Im still staying positive and hoping that we can find more people to teach this week cuz Viborg has just gone Cold as a cucumber.
But, despite all that, we had a ton of fun this week! I taught my first language class and it went great! They all come from Syria and have all been effected by the war going on there. They are such amazing people and I love getting to know them. The American dream is still very much a thing today. The longer I am here in Denmark the more and more I love America. I mean I have always had a ton of pride in our country but after meeting so many people from around the World and just how much of an impact America has on the World, even here in denmark It just makes me that much more proud to be an American and I am so blessed to grow up in the best country on earth.
Also this week my comp hit his one year mark so he got to go to Copenhagen and go through the temple down there. I ended up going on splits with an elder in Kolding. He was a Little bit of a weirdy but I got to see my first castle!! Its one of the littler ones here in denmark but it was cool!
So this week I want to tell you all about 3 very special Danish desserts. They are some of the best Things I have had in my entire life. One is called Lag Cage (layered cake), another is called æble cage (apple cake), and finally trifle. Look these up and the internet or something because they are just DIVINE! They are something that I am always gonna try to make when I get home they are just that good.
Anyway, that was my week. I hope you all continue to have an awesome week! Talk to yall NeXT week!
Ældste Pike