When it rains it pours...‏

First off thanks yall for all the emails this week! Evertime emailing time rolls around I always think of the song "Letters from home" by John Montgomery (at least I think its by him) haha.
So to describe the subject for this week, basically everybody and their mothers Brother has fallen off the face of the planet. Basically we couldnt get in contact with anyone to save our lives and everybody else either dropped us or has just stopped progressing. We spent FOUR DAYS contacting this week with no success. But Im still staying positive and hoping that we can find more people to teach this week cuz Viborg has just gone Cold as a cucumber.
But, despite all that, we had a ton of fun this week! I taught my first language class and it went great! They all come from Syria and have all been effected by the war going on there. They are such amazing people and I love getting to know them. The American dream is still very much a thing today. The longer I am here in Denmark the more and more I love America. I mean I have always had a ton of pride in our country but after meeting so many people from around the World and just how much of an impact America has on the World, even here in denmark It just makes me that much more proud to be an American and I am so blessed to grow up in the best country on earth.
Also this week my comp hit his one year mark so he got to go to Copenhagen and go through the temple down there. I ended up going on splits with an elder in Kolding. He was a Little bit of a weirdy but I got to see my first castle!! Its one of the littler ones here in denmark but it was cool!
So this week I want to tell you all about 3 very special Danish desserts. They are some of the best Things I have had in my entire life. One is called Lag Cage (layered cake), another is called æble cage (apple cake), and finally trifle. Look these up and the internet or something because they are just DIVINE! They are something that I am always gonna try to make when I get home they are just that good.
Anyway, that was my week. I hope you all continue to have an awesome week! Talk to yall NeXT week!
Ældste Pike