Rollercoaster Ride

Hey yall!
So it was a pretty average week filled with ups and Downs. We did a lot of fun stuff this week but at the same time, we had a lot of investigators and less actives just take a turn for the worst. Seriously just as we started making Progress with them and take like 1 step forward - BAM!- 7 steps back. So ya were just trying to figure out how to help these people start progressing Again.

Aside from that we did have a distrikt activity on Thursday and we all got to go to the Mønsted Kalkagruber which is basically lime mines in a small town called Mønsted. So that was pretty fun to hang with everybody from our distrikt for a day. Then this weekend we had Stake conference (which our Whole stake is all of Jutland btw) so we got to travel to Århus on Saturday night for the first session and then to Silkeborg for the Sunday session. They had 2 area 70s there because they were releasing the old stake pres and getting a new presidency. It was actually a great stake conference and probably one of the few stake conferences I actually went to and stayed awake!

Oh also another thing that I found out that totally blew my mind and I think is worth sharing. You know during Christmas we have Jule Tide Carols? I always wondered "what the fetch does jule tide mean??" WELL apparently the way you say Christmas time in Danish is juletiden! Life Changing I know!!

Anyway, I hope you all continue to have an awesome week this week and that everything is going well.
This pic is our distrikt in front of the mine in Mønsted

Random pics in Silkeborg