My first baptismal Date!!

Hey yall!! Im totally stoked that Things are going great and yall are doing such fun stuff (at least my friends are. Fam, you need to do funner stuff). haha.

So this week was fetching long. The language has been killin me but im still improving a Little bit at a time. Actually I had this strange thought that when people said it will come that one day i would just wake up and it would come.... boy was that way off. Anyway, this week has been way good but just flippin exhausting.
So some big events from this week: We totally made a baptismal date with this guy named Kaj! Its planned for November 1st and Im pretty pumped about that! Also we have taught almost double the amount of lessons we usually teach this week which was great! Another cool thing is that we are going to start teaching English every saturday to a ton of Syrian Immigrants. We have met a ton of them here and they are just the nicest, most coolest people ever! Im a Little nervous though cuz English isnt exactly my strongest area but Itll be way fun!

Other than that its just kinda been the same old, riding bikes a gazillion miles woot woot!!

Het det godt!!