September 8

Hey yall, Im glad to hear Things have been going good so far back home and had good first weeks of school! Also thats great for Lindsey to start taking lessons from what sounds like an awesome teacher!

So this week we got to head Down to Copenhagen Again to meet with Elder Bednar!! Unfortunetaly we didnt get any opportunities to actually like shake his hand or anything but it was just amazing.  We got to see Elder Bednar in a Little bit more casual way and he was super awesome. Also I can easily say it was the most powerful meeting I have ever been to. I just learned so much amazing stuff and I have never felt the spirit so powerfully before! It was just a huge testimony to me that we really do have living prophets and apostles on the earth today and that the priesthood has really been restored to the earth Again.

So our Work has really started picking up the last couple weeks. we have found several more investigators. Actually, we are very close to setting up a baptismal date with one of our investigators named Michelle. She is so ready to be baptized, like seriously we just need to take her out to the fjord and dunk her right now haha.

Now for the questions:
I think Elder Bednar, Elder Hostrom from the seventy and this other British dude from the seventy are touring certain missions here in Europe and we were the first stop. Not really sure what the specific reason was for visiting us specifically. Maybe we just need the extra help.
den sorte brødre kirke

We usually teach around 10-12 lessons a week but the last couple weeks we have been planning around 18ish but a lot of them fall through.

Today we are planning on visiting den sorte brødre kirke (The Black Brothers church) here in Viborg. With a name like that its gotta be just awesome inside haha.

We dont eat a lot with members, only like around 2 times a month because we only have 13 members in our branch so ya... thats a bummer. However, Im thinking about getting a Danish Cook book so I can learn to make all the good stuff :)

Anyway, love you Guys tons and want to let you Guys know Im prayin for ya (I do a lot of that now). Vi ses på næste uge!