Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår!‏

Hey yall! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas! My Christmas was great! The Ward members took way good care of us and I absolutely loved skyping you Guys! 

This week we basically spent so much time at members´ houses that the Whole week was like a p-day. It was great =) Oh we also went to like a 1000 year old Viking graveyard which was awesome!  This week its basically back to the old grind though (except for nytår).

This year the snow barely missed us on the 25th but hit hard on the 26th. Needless to say biking was pretty entertaining though...

The baptism on Saturday went great as well! Everything went as smooth as butter on a roll. Honestly though it was one of the most spiritual experiences ever. Some very powerful testimonies were given. Also Sakarias´ niese (WHO is also a new convert) surprised him by singing a song she had translated into Greenlandic! It was really cool.

Have a great new year celebration and make this year the best one yet! I encourage you all WHO made new years resolutions to be hipster and follow through with it. =)

Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

p.s. Danish Word of the week: DÅB!

God Jul!!!!‏

Hey everyone! First I wanted to say thank you all so much for all the awesome letters and warm messages yall wrote! They were the best!! Like totally just made my week!  Also a shout out to the best mom in the world! happy Birthday mama!!

The past week has been super duper busy but also freakin fun! We have been working really hard with our investigator Sakarias lately because he is getting baptized this Saturday!!! It has stressed the crap out of me though because he has a very strong addiction to alcohol so we have been trying to keep as close contact with him as possible and its just been nuts!

But ya Im out of time right now but just know that it was an awesome week. Miricles happened, Jesus is awesome, and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas week and I cant wait to Skype on Thursday!

Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

Drifting in a Castle parking lot‏

Hey friends and Family! I am so glad to hear how well everyone has been doing and all the letters and emails I recieved this week. Thank you all so much for your love and support. I really Means a lot :)

This week started out with us stealing the sisters car and drifiting it in a Castle parking lot. After that, I knew it was going to be a good week! ;)

So its been great to see some of the Danish traditions for Christmas over the past month. For example, we had the Ward Juletræ fest where they basically sing songs, hold hands, and dance and run around the Christmas tree. Its basically exactly what the WHOs do in WHOville. Im not even joking. And its so much fun!!

This week has been packed with similar Christmas festivities and Things which has made it one of the funnest weeks here on my mission. But
unfortunetaly I dont have a ton of time to write much more. Just know that I love serving here in Aalborg, Things have been way fun and everyday I see a tender mercy of the Lord that strengthens my testimony that much more. I am so grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ and his atonement for me. I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life and to have the opportunity to share that message to the people of Denmark.

Love you Guys tons!

Ældste Pike

P.S. Danish Word of the Day: SEJE FYRE
First LDS Church Building in Denmark

Standing in a WWII Bunker

6 month mark... already?!‏

Hey yall! Im glad to hear that everyone is doing pretty good. Thats awesome that lindsey started working now. Sounds like a fun job. Also I am super happy that your alright mom and that nobody got injured!

So this week has been relativily the same but just busy. We had our zone conference this week in Århus and talked about our goals and missionary stuff like that. But the best part (aside from being able to see everyone Again) was watching Frozen! Gosh thats a good flik haha.

Also as yall can see by the subject I hit my 6 month mark on my mission this week. just fyi.

spiritual thought for the week (I should prolly do these more): So in case anyone forgot Christmas is this month which Means celebrating and remembering the birth and life of the saviour (of course all the other stuff is great too :D) But Jesus Christ is the ultimate gift, given to us by a loving heavenly father. Through his atonement we can be free from the pains of sin, addiction, and every physical, mental, and emotional pain we feel. Because of him and his love for each and every one of us. This is my favorite part of the gospel. He has given us so much but Theres really not much we can do to give back. We can serve others and try to do all we can to follow the saviour and become like him. So this Christmas season, I will challenge you all to think of all the Things you can do to give back. Goals you can make for this new year to become more like christ whether it be developing a christ like attribute or following a specific commandment better. Then write them Down. This is kinda like a new years resolution but not really because you actually follow through... right ;)

So ya thats that. A funny/sad/horrible story this week was when I ran into a member from skive at the store. I asked what she was doing here in Aalborg and she said she was here for her grandsons funeral (begravelse). I already know what that Word meant but just mixed it up with another Word (bevagelse) which Means like movement. So I thought she was helping her grandson move or something....ya... so I said "Wow that should be fun!!" In like the happiest most enthusiastic tone ever. Then she said very sadly, "no you dont understand, im here for my grandsons funeral" (This is all in Danish of course) and then it clicked... Oh Crap!!!! I still feel bad about it.

Have an awesome week everyone and do something fun!
Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

Christmas is in the Air!‏

Hey Family and friends! I am so glad to hear that thanksgiving was a blast and that you Guys had the chance to hygge jer! We really have so much to be thankful for! We have been blesses so much!

This week nothing terribly exciting happened. Everyone is getting really pumped about Christmas though! All the cities are just decked out with christams trees and lights all over the place its really cool! Also the members just have made a crap ton of eating appointments and stuff for us this month so thats great! In fact, the church came out with this new video which is actually really good! its on Check it out and share or something on facebook!

A kind of weird story from this week. So we contacted this guy WHO kno a ton about the church and was talking about temples and stuff. He said he was a member for like 30 years and was excommunicated like 10 years ago . He said he really wanted to talk and seemed super positive! So a couple days later we met at the church and started the lesson. It actually started out great just as we expected. Then, after a while the conversation started getting a Little weird and I noticed that something was just off about this guy. Finally, by the end we realized the reason this guy was excommunicated as he said he was a "prophet" for his own church! So ya, that was a bit weird but even more weird was that I could just feel something was off about him and just didnt feel good about it even though he was super nice and friendly. Safe to say we Arent planning on meeting with him Again.

I hope you all have an awesome week this week! The church is true and I hope you all remember what Christmas is really all about.
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

P.S. Danish Word of the day: en skib

Random trip to Århus :)‏

Hey everyone! I am so glad to hear that you all had really good weeks this week and also Happy Thanksgiving! yall will have to pick up the slack and eat more for me :) 

So this week has probably been the best week on the mission for me so far! Aalborg is just amazing! We have several progressing investigators here and the work is just moving great here! Also this week we made a baptismal date with a greenlandic man named sakarias! They are a part member family who are just amazing! Also we had a baptism with a man named Brian on Saturday! They found him like 6 weeks ago and taught him everything and got baptized this weekend and so it was fun to just kinda walk into that one. Also I freaking love the ward here! They are so awesome and we have like 2-3 dinner appointments a week which is just awesome! Thats awesome too because now I really speaking danish all the time and I have seen my danish progress a ton just in the last week! 

Also I have already seen so many little miracles throughout this week its just awesome! It also amazes me that there are actually people here who want to talk to us. 

Now to explain the subject. On Thursday president Sederholm came to visit our district during district meeting which was great btw. But after he left he ended up forgetting his laptop and stuff at the church so me and Ældste Wilsher got to steal the sisters car and drive all the way to Århus to deliver his stuff to a sister couple who were on their way to Copenhagen that night so that was fun.

To answer some questions: Yes mom, I have a light on my bike... Actually Denmark is like the biggest biking country in the world so its a law to have lights on your bike.

The pictures of the Reuters and Carl I sent last week. yes they are members in skive grenen. Unfortunately I dont have addresses or anything for them and even if I did I probably wouldnt send it cuz im not allowed to give personal info of ppl out especially over email :)

Also, everyone here has already had Christmas stuff out since like the beginning of November and like the city is already decked out with lights and Christmas trees and stuff its nuts. Ive been listening to Christmas music since oktober so Im pretty pumped for my first danish Christmas! 

Thats it for this week! I hope you all continue to have an awesome week and especially an awesome thanksgiving! Thank you guys so much for all the prays as well. They really make a huge difference:)

Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

The Promised Land!

Hey everyone! Im super stoked to hear that everyone is doing super good except for the weather. Id like to say that I hope it warms up but It probably wont. sorry ;) No but its actually pretty warm here like probably mid 40s ish. (they use celcius here so I have no idea) so thats been nice but the sun just doesnt shine here, like ever actually.

Anyway, so I have arrived here in Aalborg and I am super stoked! Everyone has been telling me all week that Aalborg is way nice and is one of the best areas and that there are a ton of missionaries WHO want to serve here so I feel pretty Lucky. My companion is named Elder Wilsher and he is from England! He is freakin hilarious and I think well get along great!

I am going to miss Viborg though. It is an absolutely gorgeous Little city and had so many great people. It was tough to say goodbye but I am excited for the new adventures!

Thats really all I have this week. I hope you all have an awesome week this week!
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

P.S. These are some of the people we taught. The first is of a less active named Rune. the second is of another less active Family we taught a ton named Jakob, Steen (the younger boy) and Ana (the mom) WHO wasnt home when we took the pick but they are a crazy Family.

The next pic is a Family named the Reuters WHO are just awesome! She is one of the best Cooks ever!

The last is of a recent convert named Carl. man he is a champ.

Transfers, Flat Tires, and the Turkey Bowl‏

Hey everybody! A couple shout outs, first to my bro Cameron who is trying out for the basketball team at school Good luck bro! Second, shout out to my awesome parents who celebrated 22 years of marriage this week! Congratulations guys you are a huge example to me of what a relationship should look like. Love you guys tons! 

So this week was freakin rough at the start. Like nothing was going for us and I was just absolutely plagued with flat tires. I had 5 flat tires Count it 5!! Ridiculous. However, week turned completely around on Saturday. Up until this point we had nothing in regards to numbers. But then on Saturday we ended up having 5 lessons and finding 3 new investigators! It was a good day that day :)

Also on Thursday we had zone conference which is all the missionaries on Jylland and Fyn and had a pretty intense training. We made some pretty crazy goals for our mission so Im excited. But, the most important part was the Turkey bowl! It was flippin fun and I got to be QB most the time so that was fun. Actually did pretty good so Im proud of myself for that haha :D

Anyway, the big news this week is that we just got transfer calls like literally 5 minutes ago! I am being transferred to Aalborg and being companions with elder Wilsher so Im pretty excited for that. I am going to really miss Viborg though. It is an absolutely gorgeous little city but Im excited for the change as well. 

Anyway, thanks for all yalls support and prayers, it really makes a huge difference. 

Meget kærlighed, Ældste Pike

Bike wrecks, tooth aches, and gummy snakes‏

Hey everybody! Thats great to hear about all the adventures on Halloween! As missionaries you cant really do anything but we tried to still celebrate as much as possible :)

So this week we spent most of the time trackting...

And that does it for this email. talk to yall next week. haha just kidding. I do have a couple experiences. So on Tuesday we were eating lunch and 15 minutes before a lesson my companion just starts moanin like a freaking whale. I ask whats up and he says "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I think we need to go to the doctor" apperently his jaw made a loud cracking sound and he couldnt move it. So we skip the lesson and go to the doctor. We wait in the waiting room for dayz and after a few hours he finally gets called in. 2 Minutes later my comp comes back out and says hes ready to go. My first thought is "WHAT THE FETCH?" Long story short, we think that my comp just dislocated his jaw or something but the doctor said it was an infection and prescribed penicillin... thanks doc. I will just say this, based on this experience, and my own personal experiences as countless other horror stories I have heard, Socialized health care is a very bad idea.

Then, I had a tragic accident on my bike this week. So I was hauling down the street on my bike and it had been raining earlier so it was way wet and slippery. There were some speed bumps coming up and I was like "heck no! Im not about that life!" So I try going up over the curb onto the sidewalk and my front tire slips out and I go flying. It was a pretty intense wreck cuz I was going way fast but dont worry, becuase of my epic tuck and roll landing I only ended up scraping up my left leg. Not bad at all though. Mostly just hurt my pride...

Now to halloween! They unfortunately don't celebrate Halloween here in Denmark but us and the skive elders decided to party it up anyway. We went to this place called sliktrolden which is basically like willy wonkas candy land. So while we were going buck wild in there, I glance over to see the most heavenly sight. A BOX OF METER LONG GUMMY SNAKES!! Wooh Hoo!! Needless to say I grabbed the whole thing. =D 

Anyway, that was my week! Sorry it was so long. Love you guys tons and want yall to know I pray for you guys all the time :)
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

Food =)

Hey everybody! Im so glad to hear that things continue to go really well back home. 

So this week was pretty uneventful for the most part. We have basically spent the entire week stopping by old/dropped investigators and have actually started to teach some of them again which is way cool! We also had two (count it 2!!!) eating appointments this week! I mean its been slow this week but hopefully it will start picking up again.

To answer questions: YES Danish ice cream is the best thing ever!! Sooo great but freaking expensive so I dont get it that much but yum. Yes I will try to start taking pictures of investigators and members and stuff. As far as Danish dishes, basically they always eat the same things all the time (usually potatoes, gravy, and something with meat) but what Danes are really famous for are like the traditional holiday meals (like for Christmas) and their desserts. But yes I do try to make as much danish food as I can cuz it is pretty good. Also I just realized that most of this email is about food, hence the subject. 
Anyway, hope you all have an awesome week this week and do a bunch of way fun stuff for Halloween! I didnt really know how much I like halloween until I came here and dont have it. 

Hakuna Matata!
Ældste Pike

P.S. Heres a massive horse. Its like the symbol of Randers apparently.

October 20, 2014

Hey guys! I am so glad to hear that it was a pretty eventful week. Thats fun that you guys got school off this weekend to and got to do some fun stuff. I totally love hearing about all that!

So unfortunately my week wasnt terribly exciting. On a sad note like a bunch of our investigators dropped us this week so we have spent many hours contacting, knocking, stop bys, etc. Honestly Ive been a little worried to get some baptisms here because our branch is so tiny and so old that they are literally dying off. We have a couple members who are on their death beds right now so ya thats no bueno.  

On a brighter note, me and my comp are still getting along great! The language is coming along and I have actually started understanding a bit better what people say. Also me and my comp made some freaking delicious bread this week! Seriously it was like Grandma sycamores on steroids! 

But ya, that was basically my week. I hope you all have an awesome week this week! Love you guys!

Ældste Pike

alt er stille rolig =)‏

Hey yall! So this week was way good but ill be honest like it was pretty darn average. I did get my new companion Elder Warner this week! He is from Payson Utah and is just way corky which has been way fun. We get along great and have been working well together so thats good. He has been out for 15 months now so hes pretty experienced with this whole mission thing. 

So this week we have basically just doing a butt load of stop bys and contacting people and knocking doors and contacting some more people and knocking some more doors. Its been way good though, we still manage to make it fun.

So ive kinda started getting into this weird thing called cooking lately. Turns out its pretty fun and tastes pretty good too! So if yall got any awesome suggestions for things to cook or bake or whatever id love to try it out! Anyway, keep havin a great week you beautiful people and ill talk to ya next week!! Hakuna Matata!

Worst to First!

Hey yall! thanks Again for all the emails and such. It sounded like you all pretty much had an awesome week this week!
This week has also been pretty exciting for me as well. We had a zone training in Århus this week and got to play like capture the flag and soccer and stuff which was a blast. Then of course General conference this weekend was awesome. Watching it at 8 hours later though was a Little weird though. Had a lot of general authorities throwin it Down and callin people to repentance and stuff haha. I still havent seen the last session but my favorite talks were given by my home boy Dieter and Jeffrey R of course. So Good.
Anyway, the biggest news from this week was transfers this week! I am staying here in Viborg but I have a new companion named Elder Warner. I am freakin pumped about this upcoming transfer. Although the Work is slower than crap right now I have made some pretty darn ambitious goals I want to accomplish that will hopefully get this area moving Again. Itll be way hard but hopefully it will Work out. Worst to First baby here we go!! haha
Anyway, I hope everything continues to go well back home. Have a great week!
Ældste Pike

When it rains it pours...‏

First off thanks yall for all the emails this week! Evertime emailing time rolls around I always think of the song "Letters from home" by John Montgomery (at least I think its by him) haha.
So to describe the subject for this week, basically everybody and their mothers Brother has fallen off the face of the planet. Basically we couldnt get in contact with anyone to save our lives and everybody else either dropped us or has just stopped progressing. We spent FOUR DAYS contacting this week with no success. But Im still staying positive and hoping that we can find more people to teach this week cuz Viborg has just gone Cold as a cucumber.
But, despite all that, we had a ton of fun this week! I taught my first language class and it went great! They all come from Syria and have all been effected by the war going on there. They are such amazing people and I love getting to know them. The American dream is still very much a thing today. The longer I am here in Denmark the more and more I love America. I mean I have always had a ton of pride in our country but after meeting so many people from around the World and just how much of an impact America has on the World, even here in denmark It just makes me that much more proud to be an American and I am so blessed to grow up in the best country on earth.
Also this week my comp hit his one year mark so he got to go to Copenhagen and go through the temple down there. I ended up going on splits with an elder in Kolding. He was a Little bit of a weirdy but I got to see my first castle!! Its one of the littler ones here in denmark but it was cool!
So this week I want to tell you all about 3 very special Danish desserts. They are some of the best Things I have had in my entire life. One is called Lag Cage (layered cake), another is called æble cage (apple cake), and finally trifle. Look these up and the internet or something because they are just DIVINE! They are something that I am always gonna try to make when I get home they are just that good.
Anyway, that was my week. I hope you all continue to have an awesome week! Talk to yall NeXT week!
Ældste Pike

Rollercoaster Ride

Hey yall!
So it was a pretty average week filled with ups and Downs. We did a lot of fun stuff this week but at the same time, we had a lot of investigators and less actives just take a turn for the worst. Seriously just as we started making Progress with them and take like 1 step forward - BAM!- 7 steps back. So ya were just trying to figure out how to help these people start progressing Again.

Aside from that we did have a distrikt activity on Thursday and we all got to go to the Mønsted Kalkagruber which is basically lime mines in a small town called Mønsted. So that was pretty fun to hang with everybody from our distrikt for a day. Then this weekend we had Stake conference (which our Whole stake is all of Jutland btw) so we got to travel to Århus on Saturday night for the first session and then to Silkeborg for the Sunday session. They had 2 area 70s there because they were releasing the old stake pres and getting a new presidency. It was actually a great stake conference and probably one of the few stake conferences I actually went to and stayed awake!

Oh also another thing that I found out that totally blew my mind and I think is worth sharing. You know during Christmas we have Jule Tide Carols? I always wondered "what the fetch does jule tide mean??" WELL apparently the way you say Christmas time in Danish is juletiden! Life Changing I know!!

Anyway, I hope you all continue to have an awesome week this week and that everything is going well.
This pic is our distrikt in front of the mine in Mønsted

Random pics in Silkeborg

My first baptismal Date!!

Hey yall!! Im totally stoked that Things are going great and yall are doing such fun stuff (at least my friends are. Fam, you need to do funner stuff). haha.

So this week was fetching long. The language has been killin me but im still improving a Little bit at a time. Actually I had this strange thought that when people said it will come that one day i would just wake up and it would come.... boy was that way off. Anyway, this week has been way good but just flippin exhausting.
So some big events from this week: We totally made a baptismal date with this guy named Kaj! Its planned for November 1st and Im pretty pumped about that! Also we have taught almost double the amount of lessons we usually teach this week which was great! Another cool thing is that we are going to start teaching English every saturday to a ton of Syrian Immigrants. We have met a ton of them here and they are just the nicest, most coolest people ever! Im a Little nervous though cuz English isnt exactly my strongest area but Itll be way fun!

Other than that its just kinda been the same old, riding bikes a gazillion miles woot woot!!

Het det godt!!

September 8

Hey yall, Im glad to hear Things have been going good so far back home and had good first weeks of school! Also thats great for Lindsey to start taking lessons from what sounds like an awesome teacher!

So this week we got to head Down to Copenhagen Again to meet with Elder Bednar!! Unfortunetaly we didnt get any opportunities to actually like shake his hand or anything but it was just amazing.  We got to see Elder Bednar in a Little bit more casual way and he was super awesome. Also I can easily say it was the most powerful meeting I have ever been to. I just learned so much amazing stuff and I have never felt the spirit so powerfully before! It was just a huge testimony to me that we really do have living prophets and apostles on the earth today and that the priesthood has really been restored to the earth Again.

So our Work has really started picking up the last couple weeks. we have found several more investigators. Actually, we are very close to setting up a baptismal date with one of our investigators named Michelle. She is so ready to be baptized, like seriously we just need to take her out to the fjord and dunk her right now haha.

Now for the questions:
I think Elder Bednar, Elder Hostrom from the seventy and this other British dude from the seventy are touring certain missions here in Europe and we were the first stop. Not really sure what the specific reason was for visiting us specifically. Maybe we just need the extra help.
den sorte brødre kirke

We usually teach around 10-12 lessons a week but the last couple weeks we have been planning around 18ish but a lot of them fall through.

Today we are planning on visiting den sorte brødre kirke (The Black Brothers church) here in Viborg. With a name like that its gotta be just awesome inside haha.

We dont eat a lot with members, only like around 2 times a month because we only have 13 members in our branch so ya... thats a bummer. However, Im thinking about getting a Danish Cook book so I can learn to make all the good stuff :)

Anyway, love you Guys tons and want to let you Guys know Im prayin for ya (I do a lot of that now). Vi ses på næste uge!

September 1, 2014

Hey Yall! So this week has been fairly average, nothing that exciting. We did have splits Again this week up in Skive and this time I got to go with Ældste Call and do some Work up in Struer which is kind of a cool Little town. Its right up against the fjord so there is a lot of pretty spots. Also I think I forgot to mention last week but I gave my first talk here in Danish and it went pretty good. It was funny though because everytime I had a hard time saying a Word or something all the members would just yell it up to me so that was entertaining. The last few days Ive been pretty sick though so trying to do our normal missionary Work and stuff has just been a nightmare the last few days. But Im starting to get a Little better now so it should be good. Also we have a mission conference this weekend and Elder Bednar is coming Down!! WOOT WOOT!! My main goal is to try to get a selfie with him and send it to yall haha. Hopefully its really good though, we totally had to give up soccer tickets for this so ya. Seriously it should be really good though, Im exctied! The last mission conference with Elder Texiera was way good. We are working really hard to apply what he taught us about making more lessons each week with investigators, finding new investigators, and recieving more baptismal commitments. President Sederholm has really stressed these points and has really made a point to change the culture of the mission. Actually a tangent about pres. Sederholm. So apparently the Denmark Mission was actually VERY apostate before President Sederholm came. Like seriously Ive heard horror stories. But as Pres. has changed the culture of the mission and as weve slowly weeded out all the trunky missionaries, we have seen the church in Denmark grow tremendously just in the last Little bit.

Anyway, this week should be a good week, hopefully that you Guys will continue to have an awesome week and I continue to pray for yall.

Vi Ses!
Ældste Jeremy Pike
Looking out the fjord in Struer

A Humbling Experience

Hey Guys! So this week has been pretty good in some ways and not so good in others. The good news is that I got to go to Copenhagen again for my one month meeting! That was pretty fun seeing everyone from the MTC Again. It was different from what I expected cuz it was just basically a meeting with the president getting us pumped up to do missionary Work and not a one on one interview with him like what I was expecting. Anyway, after the boring stuff we actually went through the Temple which is just gorgeous on the inside and actually a lot bigger than it looks. It goes Down like 3 stories under ground so ya. Also we watched the old movie in Danish which was interesting. Couldn't understand so good but it was still fun. Unfortunately we didn't have any time to go around and see any sites. I'm convinced the only way I'll get to do that is if I serve there.
Anyway, the bad news is that because our trip took so much time and because my comps bike completely fell apart we didn't get hardly anything done this week which sucks but will hopefully get better this week.
A cool story though I wanna share: So a couple weeks ago we met with an inactive member named Leslie WHO is actually from provo and married a Dane and moved here to Viborg. We finally got in after not meeting with her for a very long time and had a good Little chat. We found out that she actually got offended while she was in the Skive Branch and hadnt been back to church in over 12 years.  after a fairly long talk with her we asked if we can share a short spiritual message which was on 1 Nephi 3:7. She says sure but then asks us about whether we do our studies every day. Weird question but ya we said we do. She then goes on this flippin rant about how shes grown up in the church her Whole life, she knows that scripture like the back of her hand and basically chewed us out because she didnt think we taught with the spirit and basically just went through the motions. She was trying to be polite about it but was actually quite offensive but we kept our cool and stood our ground! We told her exactly why we chose that scripture and why we though it Applied to her in her life. I then ended by just telling her like look, you can come to church in Skive where we will be there for you or you can even just go to church in Randers but the important thing is that you need to go to church Again. She said shed think about it and we left a little surprised and a little upset about what she said. We havent had any contact since then but we have actually come to find out that she has gone to the Randers Branch the last two weeks in a row and even brought her inactive son and his wife and they now want to get their new baby blessed! It was amazing how the spirit humbled her enough to return to church Again after 12 years and how it really humbled us as well.
So thats basically whats going on here. Havent had too much success other than with Leslie but we're still truckin. Also I'm gonna start keeping a record of consecutive days its rained here because I think it has rained at least once every single day for the last month.
Har det godt!
Ældste Jeremy Pike
P.S. Pictures in skive and eating an African meal (wasn't too bad)

Aalestrup, not Ulstrup!‏

So this week was pretty adventurous. On Wednesday we went Down to Copenhagen for a mission conference which was really great. We had a great training and I learned a lot. We didnt get to stay in Copenhagen at all cuz we had to leave immediately after the meeting so that was a bummer. Then on Thursday and Saturday we met up with the skive elders and set up a booth on the Gå Gale in both Viborg and Skive to try to attract more attention and get more ppl informed. It actually turned out really well and we ended up getting several more possible investigators in both cities.
So I actually have a funny story too. So this week we got a referral to go give the Tongan Lady a Blessing cuz she has had some bad Medical probs lately. Super nice lady. Anyway, On Friday, we headed out to Ulstup which is like a 30 min train ride however, The office told us the wrong city and it was actually in Aalestrup. So ya we went to the wrong town and wasted a ton of time but no probs we would just reschedule and meet tomorrow. Saturday evening rolls around and we flippin barely missed our bus to Aalestup!! So now were like flip lets just catch the NeXT one and well just get in late tonight. So we catch the NeXT bus and drive out like 45 minutes outside of Viborg to this town. Give her the Blessing and had an amazing lesson with her. The spirit was just so strong. about an hour later we walk outta there, bam fist bump, feelin great. Get back to the bus station and there are no more busses going back to Viborg.... So now its like 9 pm so we just start walking back in the pitch Black. (it was too expensive to rent a hotel) so we walking and my comp calls the district leader to let him know and the district leader has to call a member to pick us up! So ya totally felt bad about that and he called the mission president and told him so ya.
On a better not we get to go to Copenhagen Again this week! We get to go through the temple too which should be cool.
Anyway, have an awesome week yall!
Ældste Jeremy Pike

The Place is Hoppin

Hey yall!!
So Things have been going really well here in Little Viborg. The Work has really picked up this last week and we have just been cranking out lessons like crazy this week. The Work has just picked up a ton and we have started teaching 2 new investigators so hopefully we can lead them to baptism.  All of our investigators are positive, some more than others but all of them are just slow moving so were just trying to be patient and wait until they are ready to be baptized. This week we have like no pday though cuz we have a bunch of appointments we gotta go to so hopefully They go really well. Last week was the same way where we were rushin like crazy to get to appointments but turns out they all bailed on us and we ended up wasting our entire pday so if that happens Again imma be ticked... Oh also we are planning this like book of mormon Tower thing to talk to people on the streets to get people interested/ informed about mormons. We doing it in Skive and possibly in Viborg too because Things have been going really slow in Skive lately so we're hopefully gonna get the ball rollin Again up there.

Anyway, I had my first zone training in Århus this week which was a blast! I met a ton of the other missionaries and actually found out that one of my buddies from J.L. Sorensen named Ældste Madsen is serving here in Aalborg!! So that was way fun getting caught up with him. Its gonna be awesome though. So this week we get to go Down to København (Copenhagen) for mission conference, then the NeXT week we get to go there Again for my one month visit with the pres. and thennnnnnn we get to go there again for David A. Bednar so ya, pretty stoked about that.

So I have this great experience too, so there is this guy named Gday WHO lives right NeXT to us in our Apartment complex. He is just a super chill guy and hes actually American which is just amazing to get to talk to Americans Again. Anyway, he is a professional soccer player here in Denmark and plays for the Viborg Ultimates and totally invited us to the NeXT home game!!!  Freakin pumped for that like seriously made my day!!

Me eating a kebab in Randers that was seriously as big as my arm
Other than that not much has changed. still have a way hard time understanding people in Danish but its getting a Little better every week so forhåbentlig it starts coming a Little faster. Gosh You beautiful people, Go do something amazing already haha!!!!!
Hakuna Matata!
Ældste Jeremy Pike