She said Yes!‏

Hey everyone! Im glad to hear that yall had a pretty exciting week! Shout out to Danielle and Justin WHO got their mission calls this week! Yall are gonna do awesome!

So this week nothing terribly exciting happened. We had splits Down in Svenborg and got to see a lot of the city as we stopped by potentials and walked about 10,000 miles. Then we had some fun service with a member named Claus. He seriously has like the Classic old Danish house with the thatched roof and just overlooking these rolling hills. Like seriously the best place ever. We do service for him about once a week just chopping Wood and trees and stuff. Its just a relief to know that all those hours of watching Axe men on the history channel paid off. ;)

Also kinda funny. So last week we got invited to a vietnamese ladies house to eat. She usually only invites the svenbog elders over but we got Lucky this week and got to go over. (apparently its fairly rare for all the missionaries to eat over there). Before we left though we saw she had like the vietnamese kareoke thing and so we whipped that out and just rocked the Pokemon theme song. Now we got invited to go over Again tonight. Lets gooo!! haha

Also before I forget, WE MADE A BAPTISMAL DATE! So we had a fast with one of our investigator Cecilia yeserday to help her get an answer to know if this church is true and stuff and we ended the fast and asked if she felt like it was something she wanted to do to get baptized on March 14 and she said yes!

So ya thats about it for this week. Hope you all have another exciting week this week. Heres some advice I heard from a song in a pizza place: Live a life youll remember!

Hakuna Matata
Ældste Pike

Odense! (a day in the life)‏

Hey yall! So this week has been pretty decent. Honestly it was a pretty long week but a lot of different things happened so that was good.

First, Odense is a way pretty city! Its flatter than a pancake but it has a lot of old, pretty building and parks and stuff. Hopefully Ill get my camera back here soon so I can send some pics but just know, its a pretty city. The ward is pretty fun, a lot of the ward was out of town actually yesterday but the people that were there were really great. There are also some villages just outside of Odense which are just absolutely gorgeous! Like seriously they look like the shire off lord of the rings! One thing that is an adjustment is that instead of biking everywhere we walk and take busses which is way annoying to me but whatever. Unfortunately the work here right now is almost completely dead as well but hopefully that will change here real quick.

On Tuesday I went to København to take my language test which is required for all immigrants. Way easy. Then we knocked and contacted for a few days. did some fun service projects. knocked some more and ya. Actually yesterday was pretty entertaining. First off it was Fastelavns which is a strange holiday here where back in the olden days they would basically just throw a cat in a barrel and beat the crap out of it until it died. Thats about all I know about the tradition but now days all the kids just dress up in costumes for the day. Thats about it. Huh, actually to end the night we stopped by a less active member who I hadnt met yet. He answered the door completely naked and didnt decide to put pants on til like 10 minutes into the lesson. Not sure what was more distracting though, his little willy or his giant nipple piercing flappin in the wind. Classic. 

Anyway, I hope yall have an awesome week this. I am so blessed with an amazing family and friends. Love you guys tons and know that my prayers are with you!

Blive frisk peeps!
Ældste Pike

Surprise Transfer!‏

So to all my fans out there I just want to start out by saying I got transferred! It was a huge surprise, and it came way to early, but yes, I am now here in Odense! It was way surprising because it was a lot more likely for me to stay and my companion go but it didnt turn out that way. I am freakin way sad I left Aalborg so soon. I made some great friends up there and we were just absolutely destroying the area. Saying goodbye to the members and missionaries up there just killed me. But nevertheless, I am excited to be here in Odense and ready to tear it up again.

My new companion is named Elder Andrew Swan. He is from Mapleton Utah and only has a month and a half left until he goes home. Its also a little weird because we have 10 missionaries her in the city so apparently we see them all the time which will be a little werid.

But ya, its definitely been bitter sweet for me the last few days. Other than that not much has happend. We did however make another baptismal date with a girl named Maja right before I left. The date is set for March 21 so I am way stoked for that.

btw, sorry there havent been any pics recently. My camera broke and Im now just waiting for Elder Wilsher to send me all the pics I took from this week. So hopefully there will be many next week. :)

Hope yall have a great week this week! I miss you guys tons and pray for you all the time.
Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

P.S. Random fact about Odense, this is where H.C. Andersen was born!
This was our distrikt in Aalborg. It was my last night there... That is also a member named Le Thi Lam


This is all the young men in Aalborg. Love these guys! P.S. they said it was supposed to be a funny picture on this one....apparently not..... I feel like I ruined this picture :( haha

This is with Familien Jørensen. They are the best Greenlandic Family ever!!
This is with me and Familien Olsen

Hey everyone! Im glad to hear yall had a pretty decent week. Also I heard the super bowl was a great game so thats always fun. Honestly that is one of the biggest things I miss about home is sports.

So this week nothing terribly special happend. We have made a lot of progress with some of our investigators this week which has been really great. We also had our distrikt activity where we basically just played sports and chilled all day. Then we went on splits with the zone leaders which is always fun. Actually we find out about transfers this friday and there is a chance I could transfer so well find out and Ill let yall know next week what happens. 

Anyway, thats about all I can think of to say. Hope yall have a great week! Love you guys and miss you tons.

Ældste Pike
This church was in a way tiny town, cant remember what its called but it had this bizarre painting...