Odense! (a day in the life)‏

Hey yall! So this week has been pretty decent. Honestly it was a pretty long week but a lot of different things happened so that was good.

First, Odense is a way pretty city! Its flatter than a pancake but it has a lot of old, pretty building and parks and stuff. Hopefully Ill get my camera back here soon so I can send some pics but just know, its a pretty city. The ward is pretty fun, a lot of the ward was out of town actually yesterday but the people that were there were really great. There are also some villages just outside of Odense which are just absolutely gorgeous! Like seriously they look like the shire off lord of the rings! One thing that is an adjustment is that instead of biking everywhere we walk and take busses which is way annoying to me but whatever. Unfortunately the work here right now is almost completely dead as well but hopefully that will change here real quick.

On Tuesday I went to København to take my language test which is required for all immigrants. Way easy. Then we knocked and contacted for a few days. did some fun service projects. knocked some more and ya. Actually yesterday was pretty entertaining. First off it was Fastelavns which is a strange holiday here where back in the olden days they would basically just throw a cat in a barrel and beat the crap out of it until it died. Thats about all I know about the tradition but now days all the kids just dress up in costumes for the day. Thats about it. Huh, actually to end the night we stopped by a less active member who I hadnt met yet. He answered the door completely naked and didnt decide to put pants on til like 10 minutes into the lesson. Not sure what was more distracting though, his little willy or his giant nipple piercing flappin in the wind. Classic. 

Anyway, I hope yall have an awesome week this. I am so blessed with an amazing family and friends. Love you guys tons and know that my prayers are with you!

Blive frisk peeps!
Ældste Pike