Surprise Transfer!‏

So to all my fans out there I just want to start out by saying I got transferred! It was a huge surprise, and it came way to early, but yes, I am now here in Odense! It was way surprising because it was a lot more likely for me to stay and my companion go but it didnt turn out that way. I am freakin way sad I left Aalborg so soon. I made some great friends up there and we were just absolutely destroying the area. Saying goodbye to the members and missionaries up there just killed me. But nevertheless, I am excited to be here in Odense and ready to tear it up again.

My new companion is named Elder Andrew Swan. He is from Mapleton Utah and only has a month and a half left until he goes home. Its also a little weird because we have 10 missionaries her in the city so apparently we see them all the time which will be a little werid.

But ya, its definitely been bitter sweet for me the last few days. Other than that not much has happend. We did however make another baptismal date with a girl named Maja right before I left. The date is set for March 21 so I am way stoked for that.

btw, sorry there havent been any pics recently. My camera broke and Im now just waiting for Elder Wilsher to send me all the pics I took from this week. So hopefully there will be many next week. :)

Hope yall have a great week this week! I miss you guys tons and pray for you all the time.
Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike

P.S. Random fact about Odense, this is where H.C. Andersen was born!
This was our distrikt in Aalborg. It was my last night there... That is also a member named Le Thi Lam