This is all the young men in Aalborg. Love these guys! P.S. they said it was supposed to be a funny picture on this one....apparently not..... I feel like I ruined this picture :( haha

This is with Familien Jørensen. They are the best Greenlandic Family ever!!
This is with me and Familien Olsen

Hey everyone! Im glad to hear yall had a pretty decent week. Also I heard the super bowl was a great game so thats always fun. Honestly that is one of the biggest things I miss about home is sports.

So this week nothing terribly special happend. We have made a lot of progress with some of our investigators this week which has been really great. We also had our distrikt activity where we basically just played sports and chilled all day. Then we went on splits with the zone leaders which is always fun. Actually we find out about transfers this friday and there is a chance I could transfer so well find out and Ill let yall know next week what happens. 

Anyway, thats about all I can think of to say. Hope yall have a great week! Love you guys and miss you tons.

Ældste Pike
This church was in a way tiny town, cant remember what its called but it had this bizarre painting...