She said Yes!‏

Hey everyone! Im glad to hear that yall had a pretty exciting week! Shout out to Danielle and Justin WHO got their mission calls this week! Yall are gonna do awesome!

So this week nothing terribly exciting happened. We had splits Down in Svenborg and got to see a lot of the city as we stopped by potentials and walked about 10,000 miles. Then we had some fun service with a member named Claus. He seriously has like the Classic old Danish house with the thatched roof and just overlooking these rolling hills. Like seriously the best place ever. We do service for him about once a week just chopping Wood and trees and stuff. Its just a relief to know that all those hours of watching Axe men on the history channel paid off. ;)

Also kinda funny. So last week we got invited to a vietnamese ladies house to eat. She usually only invites the svenbog elders over but we got Lucky this week and got to go over. (apparently its fairly rare for all the missionaries to eat over there). Before we left though we saw she had like the vietnamese kareoke thing and so we whipped that out and just rocked the Pokemon theme song. Now we got invited to go over Again tonight. Lets gooo!! haha

Also before I forget, WE MADE A BAPTISMAL DATE! So we had a fast with one of our investigator Cecilia yeserday to help her get an answer to know if this church is true and stuff and we ended the fast and asked if she felt like it was something she wanted to do to get baptized on March 14 and she said yes!

So ya thats about it for this week. Hope you all have another exciting week this week. Heres some advice I heard from a song in a pizza place: Live a life youll remember!

Hakuna Matata
Ældste Pike