Stomach Flu

Not much to report on this week. Just dont be to alarmed by the subject line. Im just fine, it was actually my companion that got the stomach flu.  Because of that we were inside most the week. I was basically bored to tears this week.  I watched Ephraims rescue 5 times.  Count it: FIVE TIMES. Alls I can say is sweet baby donkey kong it was a long week.

Luckily however he got better on the weekend so we were able to actually do something. We also had stake conference yesterday which was just awesome! I just loved meeting up with all my buddies from the mission as well as all the members from Aalborg again. Honestly one of the funnest days ever just catching up on old times. I gues thats what heaven is all about is being with the people you love all the time.

Anyway, keep the emails comin! I absolutely love hearing from you guys. also I should hopefully get my camera back this week so expect pics again.

Ældste Pike