New Companion

Hey everyone! So this week has been really fun. We got to stop by and say goodbye to a lot of members and stuff because Æ swan went home today. Some highlights from the week was that we had our zone conference and so thats always fun just getting to see everyone again. We also got to see meet the mormons which was nice. 

Another thing that was bizarre was that we had Æ Warner with us the last 3 days because his companion went home early so we were in a tripanionship. Then finally on Saturday we were at some members and we were joking about waxing Æ warners chest and so they said we got some wax and we did it right there. Gosh dang it was great. Other than that nothing too specific, just lots of fun eating appointments and stuff.

Today I got my new companion named Æ Howland. He seems really cool and it should hopefully be another really fun transfer. 

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy March madness!

Ældste Pike