This week was my first week with Æ. Howland and it was a lot of fun. He brought a lot of energy back into my missionary work again and we had a ton of fun. Honestly it was a pretty darn normal week as far as missionary work goes but it was still way fun. We have made a lot of goals to help build the area up as much as possible. We also really hit the finding grind this week with knocking and contacting and just purging the area book of everything we had/have. I have been really focusing on following and relying on the spirit as much as I can in just knowing where we should go and how to teach our lessons and everything and guess what? ITS WORKING! We are actually finding like way positive people on streets we pray about and I am actually understanding a lot better in our lessons and being able to teach a lot better than I have been in Danish! Its truly been a miracle for me and a real testimony builder.

Some random crap from this week: Our first kontakt me and Æ Howland had as companions we were talking to a dude on the street and almost got nailed by an orange that got launched out of a car going like 100 miles an hour. But its good! It barely missed and we gave out a BOM. 

I got a pretty nasty cold this week and we had to stay in for a little on Thursday but its good now. Feelin lots better :)

Experienced like a late night worship thing in the Cathedral here in Odense. Very interesting and also a bit spooky, especially in the crypt.

Finally, were contacting on the street, turned a corner and saw a naked chic peeing on the street. Turned around and walked the other way. 

So ya all in all a pretty average week. This week though is Easter week (Fun fact: Danes actually get a whole week off for Easter). But if yall dont know already there is a video up called helives.mormon.org. There is a video about why Christs atonement and resurrection was totally awesome. So ya, yall should check that out and post it on faceboook or something with the hashtag #becausehelives. Its a great/easy way to do missionary work. I know that its #becausehelives that I can be forgiven of all the stupid stuff I did, and will do. #Becausehelives I can be comforted when I feel depressed and discouraged and then rise again to become better and meet my full potential.  I also know that #Becausehelives I can live with my family for time and all eternity.

Have a great week everyone and do something awesome!
Stay frosty,
Æ Pike

P.S. Danish word of the day: Kirke (church)