still good in the hood.‏

Hey yall! Hope everything is going well. Thats tough losing Grandpa. Im gonna miss him a lot but I know hes in a better place. This shout out is just to say how much of an example he was to me and how much he did for me in my life. He was a stud muffin for sure! But I hope that everyone back home is doing ok..

Anyway, this week was pretty same old but it was just so stinkin fun. Although the area is a little slow right now its slowly pickin up and we are always laughing and having a good time. Also the weather is getting a little warmer and the sun is actually staying up a bit longer now which is great! 

I've had several realizations this week: the first is that I found out that Pike means girl in Norwegian and second, I've just found out where the apostraphe is on the danish keyboard! So maybe I'll start throwin' those in every once in a while :) Maybe not though, its a bit of a stretch for my pinky finger.

This week unfortunately Cecelia wasnt really feeling ready to be baptized and is just freaking out a bit about it so she dropped her baptismal date so were just gonna keep taking it slow with her again and hopefully in the next bit well be able to set up another date with her.  We did actually have a neat experience this week though. So on Thursday on the way to an eating appointment we contacted a dude named David. He was super pumped to hear about our church and so we gave him a book of mormon and set up an appointment. The next day we get a call at like 8 at night from his dad who was just drunk as a skunk. So he is just chewin us out and sayin that we couldnt meet with David and all this bull. So we talk it through with him for like half an hour just explaining some of our beliefs and what we do and stuff like that. Then by the end of it he was like hmm I would actually like to learn a little bit about this too. We were like sweet! and then right after David gets on and says he just started reading a bit from the book of mormon after he got home and just couldnt stop and ended up reading the whole book of mormon in 1 day!!! WE were like "holy crap that is amazing!!" and then he says "ya and right when I was done I just threw up a ton of blood" and we were like "oh what the?!?" then he says "what does that mean?" and were like "I have no idea! Thats extrememly freaky! Has this ever happened before?!?" He then says ya it has because he is way addicted to drugs and alcohol and just explains all this crap thats happened because of that. So we were a bit relieved that at least it wasnt the first time that happened. (Kids, Dont ever do drugs or alcohol! Its some bad crap). But long story short he is really stoked to learn about our church and come closer to Christ! It was pretty wild!

Anyway, I hope you all have an awesome week this week. Love you guys tons!

Ældste Pike

Danish word of the day: Konge (King)
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