Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! It was super great to skype with you and see you on christmas! Totally made my day! Also shout out to Cam for getting your patriarchal blessing. I remember getting mine and it has really been a blessing to me. At the time especially it answered a ton of questions/concerns I had and continues to be a comfort to me every time I read it. 

This week was just a blast! The members really took care of us this year! We had an appointment with members everyday this week! It was just super great to just hygge with them all day 8) Also our investigator Lise is still on track to be baptized this Saturday!! We have been rushing like crazy to get everything ready to make sure everything goes down perfectly. That is also the big fokus again this week. Also its Nyår this week and Danmark is just crazy about fireworks. Ill definitely have to send some sort of video next week cuz its the bomb! (haha punny) Anyway, I hope you all have another great week! Love you tons!
Ældste Pike
Eating at a member's home
Zone Conference
Lucky winner with the whole almond in the Ris Alamande
A Visit from Julemand

Glædelig Jul!‏

Merry Christmas yall!
So this week was just so crazy. It actually didnt start out to good because on Tuesday my companion totally just had a seizure that lasted like 3 minutes or so. I had never seen anyone have a seizure so it was pretty terrifying for me but luckily my lifeguarding skills finally paid off and I actually kinda knew what to do. My companion is alright now but we went to the hospital in an ambulance and he had to stay overnight to see kinda what caused it and stuff. Because of that he ended up mission the Sjælland zone konference which was the NeXT day so he went to Århus on the weekend to catch that one. I stayed here and was on splits for a couple days with one of the zone leaders.

On a happier note, We had the Ward Christmas party on Saturday which was a blast! I seriously love the Danish Christmas traditions. One thing they do is dance around the Christmas tree (yes exactly like on the grinch!) and run all of the house and its a blast! There are a ton of traditions like that though and its just so fun!

Speaking of Christmas though, I should be skyping home around 6-8 yalls time. Sorry thats kinda a big window. Have a great Christmas though! Love you tons!
Ældste Pike

The Three Wisemen at the Christmas Party

December 14, 2015

This week has been pretty great. We have been doing a ton of christmas stuff which has been a lot of fun. Our investigator Lise has been doing great. She brought her 7 year old daughter Charlotte to church yesterday and to the Christmas concert we had this past week and they both really enjoyed it. Last time we met she said that she was just so overwhelmed after church (the first time she went) she really got emotional because the spirit was so strong. She said that it is definitely something she wants to continue coming to. She has also said that things have just been falling into place since we've been meeting and she has really gained a ton of answers to questions and stuff. We actually invited her to baptism for January 2nd and she said yes but would like to pray about it. So its set as kind of a goal for her right now but could change. But she is doing super great and the ward has just been really great in getting to know her (Which has truly been a miracle because the ward hasnt been super great at doing that). So its been awesome getting to teach her the past couple weeks. 

Thank you guys for the prayers on my behalf. It really makes a difference. Have a great week and Ill talk to yall soon!
Love, Ældste Pike

December 6, 2015

Hey Yall! To start I want to give a big shout out to my Grandma Pike. Tillykke med fødselsdag!! I love you tons!!

This week was pretty solid. We have been teaching a lady named Lise lately and she is super positive! We knocked into her using Family history but then she said that she was actually looking for a church as well. Great! We provide those services too! So we have been teaching her and yesterday she came to church and loved it! The members were super great as well and really helped her out and stuff. We hope to invite her to baptism this week! I just love how much she loves learning about the gospel.

I guess the best part about the past couple weeks is that I have really been focusing on praying for miracles. Both weeks now I have seen small miracles happen almost everyday and we have really been blessed with a lot of success. I know that God hears and answers prayers and I am just so grateful to be here in Denmark on a mission to share that knowledge with others and see that change their lives as well.

Love you Guys tons! Have another great week!
Meget Kærlighed, Ældste Pike