Glædelig Jul!‏

Merry Christmas yall!
So this week was just so crazy. It actually didnt start out to good because on Tuesday my companion totally just had a seizure that lasted like 3 minutes or so. I had never seen anyone have a seizure so it was pretty terrifying for me but luckily my lifeguarding skills finally paid off and I actually kinda knew what to do. My companion is alright now but we went to the hospital in an ambulance and he had to stay overnight to see kinda what caused it and stuff. Because of that he ended up mission the Sjælland zone konference which was the NeXT day so he went to Århus on the weekend to catch that one. I stayed here and was on splits for a couple days with one of the zone leaders.

On a happier note, We had the Ward Christmas party on Saturday which was a blast! I seriously love the Danish Christmas traditions. One thing they do is dance around the Christmas tree (yes exactly like on the grinch!) and run all of the house and its a blast! There are a ton of traditions like that though and its just so fun!

Speaking of Christmas though, I should be skyping home around 6-8 yalls time. Sorry thats kinda a big window. Have a great Christmas though! Love you tons!
Ældste Pike

The Three Wisemen at the Christmas Party