December 6, 2015

Hey Yall! To start I want to give a big shout out to my Grandma Pike. Tillykke med fødselsdag!! I love you tons!!

This week was pretty solid. We have been teaching a lady named Lise lately and she is super positive! We knocked into her using Family history but then she said that she was actually looking for a church as well. Great! We provide those services too! So we have been teaching her and yesterday she came to church and loved it! The members were super great as well and really helped her out and stuff. We hope to invite her to baptism this week! I just love how much she loves learning about the gospel.

I guess the best part about the past couple weeks is that I have really been focusing on praying for miracles. Both weeks now I have seen small miracles happen almost everyday and we have really been blessed with a lot of success. I know that God hears and answers prayers and I am just so grateful to be here in Denmark on a mission to share that knowledge with others and see that change their lives as well.

Love you Guys tons! Have another great week!
Meget Kærlighed, Ældste Pike