Attitude of Gratitude‏

Hey Guys! I am way glad it was a good turkey weekend!
So another transfer has gone by and I am staying here in Køge with Elder Thurman so nothing crazy there. We have really had a successful week this week though and seen a lot of miracles. I have truly been humbled this week to really see the lords hand in the Work and in my life this week. We started teaching several more people this week including a girl named Sofie. A couple weeks ago we knocked on her door but she said she was busy and wasnt really interested. So we kept on knocking and as we were knocking the last door of the opgang she ran Down and asked for a pamphlet or something. We gave it to her and went on our way. Well a couple weeks later we finally caught her home Again and it was basically the same thing. She said she read a Little from the pamphlet, but was busy and honestly didnt really sound to interested in meeting. So we left kind of bummed but a few hours later she randomly called us and said she really wanted to meet as soon as possible. We made an appointment for a couple days later (because it was late that night and the zone training was the Next day) but anyways, we met and it went really great! She told us that the first day we knocked on her door she had been in the folke kirke in køge and had prayed to know what church was the true church. Then less than 3 hours later we knocked on the door! It was really a humbling experience for me too just knowing that the Lord trusts us to teach her the gospel.

We also got to go Down to this town called Faxe Ladeplads and it was such a beautiful drive. We really got to just drive all throughout the Danish Countryside and see all the windmills and stuff. We also just randomly found 2 Castles as well! But ya it really just made me feel really grateful to be here in Denmark and really live in the moment a Little bit. For me it was not a coincidence that Thanksgiving was this week because it really just helped me to see the small miracles everyday, live in the moment and have an attitude of gratitude.

Love you Guys tons! Have another great week!
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike