The Final Week

Hey yall! It was good skyping with you guys yesterday and glad to see things are going good. This week was pretty good. I've been trying to just experience everything super danish again right before I take off so we made for example flæske steg which is divine. I also had a fun birthday. The ward sang to me and stuff so that was really cool. But ya other than that just a bunch of small, but good stuff. Anyways, hope yall have a great week! 
Ældste Pike

These are a funny looking pastry, a classic looking danish house, and me getting "Killed" by Ældste Hendriksen

Are you still a fan of ice cream?

Hey yall! So to quickly explain the the subject for this email. Mom, you asked me that blasphemous question today... Dont you know me?? However this begs the question how good is danish ice cream? Let me just tell you I've had people argue about whether it is better than Italian Ice cream. I've never been to italy so I dont really know but based on personal experience and what the scale says, probably half the weight I've gained from my mission is in ice cream. And no, I dont regret it one bit :)
Anyways, speaking of getting fat, we realized I had a bit of extra money left over this week so we went and had the ultimate fatty attack by going to 2 buffets in 3 days :) Also we have been focusing a lot lately on trying to focus on finding religious people to find and teach, because there is really not very many people who believe in anything at all here. So we have trying to find ways we can help volunteer at folkekirke aktivities and stuff and pretty much invade the folkekirke without offending anybody. Finally we had an eating appointment with a couple members, one of whom is from chile, so she made completos for us which was awesome! Never thought I'd eat those here in Denmark. Needless to say it was a great week for food. 

Have a great week yall! Love you tons!
Ældste Pike

Tivoli og tjeneste

Hey yall! Hows it going?
So first off Im gonna give a big shout out to my Grandma Madsen! Tillykke med fødselsdag! Hope you had an awesome day! Thank you for all that you have done for me! Love you a ton!
So this week was pretty good. Last monday we finally got to go to Tivoli for the first time which was a lot of fun and is a way pretty park. I'll send a bunch of pics for that. Then Tuesday we spent some time at this older couples house doing some yard Work. So like one thing that Danes dont really care about and it kinda bugs me is like yardwork and stuff. Like they dont even own edgers here and most of the lawn mowers people have are like the crap you used to mow lawns with in like the 50s or something. So this old Guy wants me to mow his lawn and so I just start going and doing my thing and he was just like trying to tell me how to cut his lawn (which would not have looked good) So I was just like "old man, sit Down! Imma give you the best looking yard in the neighborhood!" Sorry for the rant I just had to get that off my back. And yes, he now has the best looking yard in the neighboorhood.
Speaking of service, we also did about 3 other huge service Projects the rest of the week so that was a nice change to Wear normal clothes for most the week. We have also found a couple new potentially positive people that we can hopefully start teaching a lot here and also had stake conference this past weekend which is always fun getting to see all the members and missionareis Again.
Anyways, that was pretty much this week. Hope yall have an awesome week!
Ældste Pike

The final 4

Hey yall! I'm glad to hear yall had a really good week this week. I also had a pretty great this week!
Monday we went over to familien Paulsen and had one of the best eating appointments ever. They were so awesome and really gave me a ton of advice and stuff to finish my mission out strong. 
Tuesday I met Jesus! Well kinda. Thomas Kofod is in our ward and he plays Jesus in a lot of the church films and stuff so that was fun. Also I made stegt flæsk with potatoes and sauce which is the national dish of danmark and tastes divine! Thursday was kinda cool. We did a ton of finding and actually found a super nice lady from Nicaragua who was baptized over there but for whatever reason left the church, but was totally down for meeting and stuff so that was really awesome. Hopefully we'll be able to bring her back to the good ole fold. Later that day we stopped by a referral we'd been trying to get in contact with for like ever and finally did and had an awesome conversation. I guess the funniest part with that was that my comp is Danish and actually likes country musik (thats rare in these parts) well we get to talking with this referral and apparently he is a huge country fan as well! So I was just standing there baffled thinking like wow, Only two country fans in all of danmark and I'm looking at em. Anyways, Friday was really fun. I had my last zone training on my mission so I was able to bare my departing testimony (I know I still got a month but still). I will just quickly share what I told them and I will do it in danish just cuz thats how I said it and Danish is awesome.

Der var 4 store ting som jeg fik et vidnesbyrd om mens jeg har været på mission (blandt andet). det først er at jeg ved at mormonsbog and guds ord, og at det er overbevisning på Jesu Kristi kirke genoprettelsen. For det andet, jeg ved at thomas monson er virkelig en guds profet og at de 12 apostle er også kaldet af gud som seer, åbenbarerer, og profeter. Jeg ved at templet er herrens hus og at de ordinancer der forgår derinde er virkelig. Til sidst ved jeg at Herren styrker os i vores svære tider, prøvelser, og udfordringer og at alt er muligt gennem Ham. Jeg er så taknemelig for evangaliet i mit liv!

Anyways, Saturday we pretty much just did a service project where with a ton of other volunteers and missionaries and walked around this gorgeous lake picking up trash and stuff. It was just way chill and great to just hang out with some of my buddies again. 

Love you all so much! Thank you all for your prayers on my behalf! I really feel them and am so grateful for yalls love and support throughout my mission! Have another bomb week!
Hakuna Matata
Ældste Pike
p.s. its a cheesy pick i know. :)

April 11, 2016

Hey so this week has been pretty good. Not much new. The ward here is probably one of my favorite wards I've been to. They are all super great and super nice and spoil us a lot. The pics are of my last distrikt. The first is all of us doing whats called the nougat bit challenge where we have to eat a full box of nougat bits (chocolate square cereal things with noutella inside) and drink a liter of milk. So that was fun :) Then the other is just our last day together watching general konference. Anyways, Have a great week! Love yall!
Ældste Pike

A picture sent from the Paulsen family with a message that said,
"Thank you for sending a great elder. He is smiling and is not trunky😄"


hey yall! Glad to hear it was a solid conference weekend. I personally have just absolutely loved watching it and have had several questions of mine answered this past weekend. Still got to Watch the last session though... Anyway, I guess the big news was that we had transfers this past weekend as well. Even though I was expecting to stay in Hillerød I ended up getting moved to Søborg not too far away, It is pretty much Copenhagen so there are tons of people all over and really a big city feel. My new companion is Ældste Hendriksen WHO is actually from Denmark so that is something I am way pumped for and will hopefully be able to speak as much Danish with him before I leave. I have heard really good Things about this area and Ward and am excited to be here. the only bummer about that now is that I only have 1 transfer left of my mission :( It has really been a great ride for me and I'm exited to continue to do my best here. My mottos for the NeXT transfer as well as the NeXT few months when I come home I think will be to "go the extra mile" and "live in the moment." But ya its getting to be very bitter sweet saying goodbye to people now as the end draws near and it was tough saying goodbye to the other missionaries in my distrikt. They have become some of my best friends. Anyway, hope yall have another great week! Love you tons! (I'll try to send pics NeXT week)
Ældste Pike


Hey yall! so this week was pretty fun. On thursday my mtc group and I all had our "My Plan" meeting with president where we basically just talk about the end of our missions and life after the missions and stuff (haha I know, like that exists) But it was really good actually though. Its basically designed to help you not freak out as bad when you leave so thats always good. Afterwards we got to go to the temple which is always awesome. 

Then honestly not a whole lot happened after that. Like honestly it was just easter vacation over here so it was actually kind of annoying trying to do missionary work because nobody is home and the people that are kind of get mad when you knock on their doors 3 days before easter. So ya. But we did get to go to a danish folkekirke church meeting which was really interesting to see. 

Anyways, have a great week! Remember to watch general conference. Should be a good week :)
Ældste Pike

The"30 day" missionaries being counseled by the "My Plan" missionaries who will be serving for only one more transfer. 


Hey Yall! So this week was pretty fun. We spent most of the week on Bornholm Again actually so that was a lot of fun. We went over there to do a baptismal interview for a guy named Emil and got to see it go Down on Saturday. It was also really exciting for them and the branch over there because that is the first baptism Bornholm has had in 7 years. I guess the highlights of the trip was that we got to see some Castle ruins called hammerhus, made another baptismal date with a lady, and played a super fun game called Secret Hitler and learned to Count in German! So ya that was pretty much most of our week. Have a great week! Love yall!

Ældste Pike
P.S. Pics of Hammerhus (Castle ruins on the edge of a Cliff!!)

In the Strength of the Lord‏

Hey yall! Glad to hear Things are going way good! This week was way good. I feel like everyday was just really fulfilling. This week I just felt like we really did our best to improve the area and also made a difference in peoples lives or even just made their day go a bit better. We've done a lot better at contacting and stuff and have found a lot of potentially new investigators this past week but it did get a bit frustrating because there were soooo many people, Young families and stuff WHO look Mormon, act Mormon, live like Mormons and we had great conversations with them and they really felt the spirit but then still turned us Down. Like seriously, You all are pretty much Mormon!! Just get baptized already. Geez so ya that is my rant for this week.

One thing though I was thinking about looking back at my journal and stuff was just like how do I do this. Like there are a lot of days that are pretty hard and are just exhausting. I have gotten a strong testimony though, especially in the last few months that I know the Lord strengthens us in our trials. I compare it to the pioneers. I really just am baffled how they did it and how they got through. Then I think that in the same way I am like a pioneer (I dont have a bike right now so I pretty much walk as far as they did everyday) and I think like how am I doing this?? But I know that it is literally the Lord strengthening me everyday, I can really feel it. I cant do it without him. I also know that we all can be strengthened in our everyday trials, because if I can, anyone can.

Anywho, have a great week!
Love, Ældste PIke

Zone Conference

February 29, 2016

Hey yall! So this week has been really good. My new companion is Elder Ericksen. He is from Morgan Utah and is way cool. We've been having a lot of fun together. This week was kinda weird though just because we've had to run back and forth to copenhagen for different reasons and stuff. Last Monday while I was waiting for elder Ericksen to come in we got to chill in copenhagen with all the missionaries leaving that day. That was a lot of fun getting to see some more sites and stuff so that was cool. 

I guess one of the best things that happened this week as far as missionary work went was that we got to give a tour of the church to a gymnasium (high school) class. It went way well and there were a couple kids who wanted book of mormons. They also invited us back to their school to give a presentation on a larger scale there. So we are way pumped for that. We have also been really trying to work on building relationships with the ward members and strengthening them. So this week we got some youth and played basketball with them and are setting up some Young Adult activities and stuff like that to get them more involved. 

Anyways, thats whats been going on here. Yall have a great week! Love you tons!
Ældste Pike