hey yall! Glad to hear it was a solid conference weekend. I personally have just absolutely loved watching it and have had several questions of mine answered this past weekend. Still got to Watch the last session though... Anyway, I guess the big news was that we had transfers this past weekend as well. Even though I was expecting to stay in Hillerød I ended up getting moved to Søborg not too far away, It is pretty much Copenhagen so there are tons of people all over and really a big city feel. My new companion is Ældste Hendriksen WHO is actually from Denmark so that is something I am way pumped for and will hopefully be able to speak as much Danish with him before I leave. I have heard really good Things about this area and Ward and am excited to be here. the only bummer about that now is that I only have 1 transfer left of my mission :( It has really been a great ride for me and I'm exited to continue to do my best here. My mottos for the NeXT transfer as well as the NeXT few months when I come home I think will be to "go the extra mile" and "live in the moment." But ya its getting to be very bitter sweet saying goodbye to people now as the end draws near and it was tough saying goodbye to the other missionaries in my distrikt. They have become some of my best friends. Anyway, hope yall have another great week! Love you tons! (I'll try to send pics NeXT week)
Ældste Pike