Hey yall! so this week was pretty fun. On thursday my mtc group and I all had our "My Plan" meeting with president where we basically just talk about the end of our missions and life after the missions and stuff (haha I know, like that exists) But it was really good actually though. Its basically designed to help you not freak out as bad when you leave so thats always good. Afterwards we got to go to the temple which is always awesome. 

Then honestly not a whole lot happened after that. Like honestly it was just easter vacation over here so it was actually kind of annoying trying to do missionary work because nobody is home and the people that are kind of get mad when you knock on their doors 3 days before easter. So ya. But we did get to go to a danish folkekirke church meeting which was really interesting to see. 

Anyways, have a great week! Remember to watch general conference. Should be a good week :)
Ældste Pike

The"30 day" missionaries being counseled by the "My Plan" missionaries who will be serving for only one more transfer.