In the Strength of the Lord‏

Hey yall! Glad to hear Things are going way good! This week was way good. I feel like everyday was just really fulfilling. This week I just felt like we really did our best to improve the area and also made a difference in peoples lives or even just made their day go a bit better. We've done a lot better at contacting and stuff and have found a lot of potentially new investigators this past week but it did get a bit frustrating because there were soooo many people, Young families and stuff WHO look Mormon, act Mormon, live like Mormons and we had great conversations with them and they really felt the spirit but then still turned us Down. Like seriously, You all are pretty much Mormon!! Just get baptized already. Geez so ya that is my rant for this week.

One thing though I was thinking about looking back at my journal and stuff was just like how do I do this. Like there are a lot of days that are pretty hard and are just exhausting. I have gotten a strong testimony though, especially in the last few months that I know the Lord strengthens us in our trials. I compare it to the pioneers. I really just am baffled how they did it and how they got through. Then I think that in the same way I am like a pioneer (I dont have a bike right now so I pretty much walk as far as they did everyday) and I think like how am I doing this?? But I know that it is literally the Lord strengthening me everyday, I can really feel it. I cant do it without him. I also know that we all can be strengthened in our everyday trials, because if I can, anyone can.

Anywho, have a great week!
Love, Ældste PIke

Zone Conference