December 14, 2015

This week has been pretty great. We have been doing a ton of christmas stuff which has been a lot of fun. Our investigator Lise has been doing great. She brought her 7 year old daughter Charlotte to church yesterday and to the Christmas concert we had this past week and they both really enjoyed it. Last time we met she said that she was just so overwhelmed after church (the first time she went) she really got emotional because the spirit was so strong. She said that it is definitely something she wants to continue coming to. She has also said that things have just been falling into place since we've been meeting and she has really gained a ton of answers to questions and stuff. We actually invited her to baptism for January 2nd and she said yes but would like to pray about it. So its set as kind of a goal for her right now but could change. But she is doing super great and the ward has just been really great in getting to know her (Which has truly been a miracle because the ward hasnt been super great at doing that). So its been awesome getting to teach her the past couple weeks. 

Thank you guys for the prayers on my behalf. It really makes a difference. Have a great week and Ill talk to yall soon!
Love, Ældste Pike