Easter and Lots of Church Pics‏

It sounds like you all had an awesome easter/conference weekend! Also thats sounds pretty crazy about march madness! 

This week was a great week with general conference and easter and all. It was kinda hard because here in Denmark they get like a whole week off of work and stuff for easter so like half our investigators were out of town so that was annoying. But, we did started just stopping by member and finding less actives and things like that and its really great. I feel way dumb that I didnt do this before but like stopping by and just getting to know the members a bit is the bomb! So that is something me and my comp are going to continue to do is making a big push to stop by members consistently and work with them a lot more. 

Also on the way to the church on sunday to watch conference we decided to walk in the Domkirke and experience a little bit of Den Danske folkekirke. That was pretty sweet to check that out!

Last night we also had a great expereince contacting again. I dont know why but for some reason were actually having quite a bit of success contacting and knocking and stuff. Its really weird but Im not complaining. We contacted this dude with like 5 minutes until we were supposed to be in and just started talking to him about christ and stuff. However, it turned into like a 45 minute conversations and ended up getting his number and giving him a book of mormon. It was just really great because after that contact I really felt like I made a friend.

On Tuesday we did service for this guy named Claus which we usually do like once every other week or so and we usually just chop down trees and stuff like that. But this time after we were done, he took us inside and had a try a 'Danish Delicacy.' He came out with this thing that was Rubrød (way dark bread) with raw ground up beef, a raw egg, onions, and this other weird plant type thing. Now before yall freak about the raw meat he had to explain that apparently here in Denmark they slaughter cows and crap differently so that theres no disease and stuff like that. Whatever, so I knock it back and it was actually way good! Like I actually wanted seconds! So ya that was my weird meal of the week. Kids, I wouldnt suggest going around eating raw meat, apparently thats just a danish thing.

Anyway, Have an awesome week and stay friske mine kartofler!
Meget kærlighed,
Ældste Pike