So this week we had our zone training about really working on finding through members and stuff like that. We talked a lot about using the because he lives video in our missionary work as well. Our president gave us permission to use facebook to contact people and stuff that was pretty mind blowing. He also hinted a lot of some super secret meetings he was having this month talking about technology and stuff so hopefully thats code for we're getting ipads really soon!! :)

On Saturday we did another service project just chopping a ton of wood again. We had a really weird splits thing though because of a baptism that was happing my mtc companion Æ. Higby came on splits so that was a lot of fun catching up with him. 

Miracle story: So a month ago or so we were out in the middle of nowhere contacting a referal who ended up not being interested. :( But then on the way back we decided to knock on this way random little farm house and they were totally interested to talk. Weve contacted them a few more times and we finally set up an appointment with their family on Thursday.

Thats about all it for this week! Have an awesome week! Love you all!
Ældste Pike

Zone Training

This is a little bit of Svenborg