A Pot of Burnin Love‏

Hey everyone! Hope you all had an awesome week! This week was pretty fun. We had several eating appointments with one family named Familien Andersen who are just so fun and awesome! They have 3 small girls who are just the cutest! One thing they taught me was that in school if you stick your tounge out at someone while looking at them you have to kiss them 10 times haha. Its called "Ti kyse og kaerlighed" 

This week was really good as well as far as lessons go and stuff. We tied the highest amount of lessons Ive ever gotten in this area and so hopefully we can continue to help it grow and just find and teach so much more. One miracle that happend this week was that we went out to this little town just outside of odense for an appt. and of course got burned. Typical. So then we had nothing else to do so we whipped out the knocking book and saw there was a stop by so we though sure what the heck! We stopped by and it was the way old guy named Jens and has been going through a rough time the last little bit. He did have a book of mormon but had never been taught and it turns out he has read almost the entire book of mormon and just believes everything we talked about and everything. It was awesome! So we've started teaching him.

Finally over the weekend we did some more service with a guy named Claus. We just chopped a ton of wood and stuff like that but it was really fun to just hang with all the ward members that came to help. Afterward we ate this Danish food called Braendende Kaerlighed (Burning Love) (really spelled with the weird ae thing but for some reason my computer is typing in english..) Anyway its way good! All it is is mashed potatoes with a crap ton of butter and bacon in it. Its divine! 

Anyway, thats about it for this week! We have transfer calls on Thursday so Ill let yall know what happens! Stay crisp my potato chips! 

Elder Pike

Danish word of the day EN BIL (a car)
Bonus! ET HUS (a house)