Worst to First!

Hey yall! thanks Again for all the emails and such. It sounded like you all pretty much had an awesome week this week!
This week has also been pretty exciting for me as well. We had a zone training in Århus this week and got to play like capture the flag and soccer and stuff which was a blast. Then of course General conference this weekend was awesome. Watching it at 8 hours later though was a Little weird though. Had a lot of general authorities throwin it Down and callin people to repentance and stuff haha. I still havent seen the last session but my favorite talks were given by my home boy Dieter and Jeffrey R of course. So Good.
Anyway, the biggest news from this week was transfers this week! I am staying here in Viborg but I have a new companion named Elder Warner. I am freakin pumped about this upcoming transfer. Although the Work is slower than crap right now I have made some pretty darn ambitious goals I want to accomplish that will hopefully get this area moving Again. Itll be way hard but hopefully it will Work out. Worst to First baby here we go!! haha
Anyway, I hope everything continues to go well back home. Have a great week!
Ældste Pike