October 20, 2014

Hey guys! I am so glad to hear that it was a pretty eventful week. Thats fun that you guys got school off this weekend to and got to do some fun stuff. I totally love hearing about all that!

So unfortunately my week wasnt terribly exciting. On a sad note like a bunch of our investigators dropped us this week so we have spent many hours contacting, knocking, stop bys, etc. Honestly Ive been a little worried to get some baptisms here because our branch is so tiny and so old that they are literally dying off. We have a couple members who are on their death beds right now so ya thats no bueno.  

On a brighter note, me and my comp are still getting along great! The language is coming along and I have actually started understanding a bit better what people say. Also me and my comp made some freaking delicious bread this week! Seriously it was like Grandma sycamores on steroids! 

But ya, that was basically my week. I hope you all have an awesome week this week! Love you guys!

Ældste Pike