Food =)

Hey everybody! Im so glad to hear that things continue to go really well back home. 

So this week was pretty uneventful for the most part. We have basically spent the entire week stopping by old/dropped investigators and have actually started to teach some of them again which is way cool! We also had two (count it 2!!!) eating appointments this week! I mean its been slow this week but hopefully it will start picking up again.

To answer questions: YES Danish ice cream is the best thing ever!! Sooo great but freaking expensive so I dont get it that much but yum. Yes I will try to start taking pictures of investigators and members and stuff. As far as Danish dishes, basically they always eat the same things all the time (usually potatoes, gravy, and something with meat) but what Danes are really famous for are like the traditional holiday meals (like for Christmas) and their desserts. But yes I do try to make as much danish food as I can cuz it is pretty good. Also I just realized that most of this email is about food, hence the subject. 
Anyway, hope you all have an awesome week this week and do a bunch of way fun stuff for Halloween! I didnt really know how much I like halloween until I came here and dont have it. 

Hakuna Matata!
Ældste Pike

P.S. Heres a massive horse. Its like the symbol of Randers apparently.