alt er stille rolig =)‏

Hey yall! So this week was way good but ill be honest like it was pretty darn average. I did get my new companion Elder Warner this week! He is from Payson Utah and is just way corky which has been way fun. We get along great and have been working well together so thats good. He has been out for 15 months now so hes pretty experienced with this whole mission thing. 

So this week we have basically just doing a butt load of stop bys and contacting people and knocking doors and contacting some more people and knocking some more doors. Its been way good though, we still manage to make it fun.

So ive kinda started getting into this weird thing called cooking lately. Turns out its pretty fun and tastes pretty good too! So if yall got any awesome suggestions for things to cook or bake or whatever id love to try it out! Anyway, keep havin a great week you beautiful people and ill talk to ya next week!! Hakuna Matata!