September 1, 2014

Hey Yall! So this week has been fairly average, nothing that exciting. We did have splits Again this week up in Skive and this time I got to go with Ældste Call and do some Work up in Struer which is kind of a cool Little town. Its right up against the fjord so there is a lot of pretty spots. Also I think I forgot to mention last week but I gave my first talk here in Danish and it went pretty good. It was funny though because everytime I had a hard time saying a Word or something all the members would just yell it up to me so that was entertaining. The last few days Ive been pretty sick though so trying to do our normal missionary Work and stuff has just been a nightmare the last few days. But Im starting to get a Little better now so it should be good. Also we have a mission conference this weekend and Elder Bednar is coming Down!! WOOT WOOT!! My main goal is to try to get a selfie with him and send it to yall haha. Hopefully its really good though, we totally had to give up soccer tickets for this so ya. Seriously it should be really good though, Im exctied! The last mission conference with Elder Texiera was way good. We are working really hard to apply what he taught us about making more lessons each week with investigators, finding new investigators, and recieving more baptismal commitments. President Sederholm has really stressed these points and has really made a point to change the culture of the mission. Actually a tangent about pres. Sederholm. So apparently the Denmark Mission was actually VERY apostate before President Sederholm came. Like seriously Ive heard horror stories. But as Pres. has changed the culture of the mission and as weve slowly weeded out all the trunky missionaries, we have seen the church in Denmark grow tremendously just in the last Little bit.

Anyway, this week should be a good week, hopefully that you Guys will continue to have an awesome week and I continue to pray for yall.

Vi Ses!
Ældste Jeremy Pike
Looking out the fjord in Struer