Drifting in a Castle parking lot‏

Hey friends and Family! I am so glad to hear how well everyone has been doing and all the letters and emails I recieved this week. Thank you all so much for your love and support. I really Means a lot :)

This week started out with us stealing the sisters car and drifiting it in a Castle parking lot. After that, I knew it was going to be a good week! ;)

So its been great to see some of the Danish traditions for Christmas over the past month. For example, we had the Ward Juletræ fest where they basically sing songs, hold hands, and dance and run around the Christmas tree. Its basically exactly what the WHOs do in WHOville. Im not even joking. And its so much fun!!

This week has been packed with similar Christmas festivities and Things which has made it one of the funnest weeks here on my mission. But
unfortunetaly I dont have a ton of time to write much more. Just know that I love serving here in Aalborg, Things have been way fun and everyday I see a tender mercy of the Lord that strengthens my testimony that much more. I am so grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ and his atonement for me. I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life and to have the opportunity to share that message to the people of Denmark.

Love you Guys tons!

Ældste Pike

P.S. Danish Word of the Day: SEJE FYRE
First LDS Church Building in Denmark

Standing in a WWII Bunker