Great News!

Hey everyone! I am glad to hear everything is still going good. I actually have some big news though. We got transfer call this week and guess what? IM PREGNANT!!!! yes thats right Im am going to be training up here in Frederikshavn! I am super pumped but also a little nervous, but mostly just pumped. I am going to find out who I am training when I get to Copenhagen so right now they have me on like a crazy trip down there so right now I am in Århus and will be here until tomorrow, then Ill head to Taastrup and then Wednesday morning finally into Copenhagen. So that means that Ældste Gudmundson got transferred to Herning. 
So other than that there havnt been too many different things. It has been really sad saying goodbye to so many missionaries who are leaving or just getting transferred out of our distrikt. There were a lot of big changes with new positions and stuff like that this time around so its been a little crazy. Also something pretty cool was that we got to go up to skagen and see an old church getting buried in the sand so that was neat. 
Anyways, Have a great week yall and remember, the wise man built his house upon a rock, NOT the sand! 
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike