Hectic Travels

Hey everyone! So this week has been a ton of fun. Me and Ældste Gardner are getting along great! He comes from Mesa Arizona, is the youngest of 7 siblings, (his older Brother served here in F-havn 5 years ago) and likes to play volleyball. He came literally right out of high school and so he is 18 (born in '97!  #feelingold) But ya we are getting along really well and I have already learned so much from him. Honestly he came like so prepared and ready to go he could almost be training me haha.

It was pretty hektic coming back home from Copenhagen on Wednesday. So we had our ticket but for some reason the office or somebody screwed up somewhere with elder Gardners discount Card for train tickets (called a wild Card) and so we ended up getting kicked off the train. So we ended up making a bunch of phones calls and finally just had to buy an entirely new ticket and catch the Next train. Not to big of problems other than we got home way stinkin late.

Other than that nothing to report on. This transfer is only 5 weeks though instead of 6 and because we will be going on splits in Aalborg this week, Århus for splits and zone training NeXT, week, then Copenhagen NeXT week for a mission conference and then finally Copenhagen Again for our 1 month meeting, We will literally be out of our area for like 25% of the transfer! Crazy!

Anyway, thats about it from me! Hakuna matata yall!
Ældste Pike