Investigators in church! whaaa!!‏

Hey everyone! Thanks for the great emails this week it was a lot of fun to read and hear how things are going and everything! 

So as far as the work has been going basically, its about as slow as cold molasses right now but the people who we are teaching its going really well. We got 7 investigators in church yesterday which was literally a miracle!  By far the most investigators Ive ever gotten in church on one sunday. We also had a ton of visitors in church including 2 big american military families on vacation from Germany so that was way awesome. We had almost 80 people in church which is like twice as big as it usually is! It was awesome!

Me and Elder Gardner are also getting along great! Im sure Im learning a lot more from him than he is from me. We have also just been having a blast despite how slow the work has been lately so thats always fun. We are also made it a companionship goal to get way good at cooking so we're gonna start baking good food for the members (to get in with the ward of course) and even better food for us :)

On Thursday we had a district activity up in Skagen which was a blast. We went up to the point where the two oceans meet and walked out in it, it was just so trippy. There was also all these German WW2 bunkers all over and it was way neat. I seriously wanted to like airsoft there so bad. 

So ya thats about it for this week. I did just decided about 20 minutes ago that I actually need to be more obedient in working out in the mornings after I heard how tall Cameron is now. Im gonna have to get working out again and git swole cuz if Cam passes me up... thatd be unacceptable. haha

Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike