Que Fak? (Dont ask me how its really spelled)‏

Hey everyone sounds like it was a pretty crazy/fun week this week! Made for pretty entertaining emails this week though :) Tak for det!

Right now I am sitting at the church eating a bunch of strawberries that we saw for 5 kroner (Thats a steal btw!) Overall it was a good week! There was a giant soccer tournament here in Frederikshavn where it was like a bunch of youth in different age Groups from all over the World there. The U.S. was also there so that was way fun to stop and talk to them on the streets and stuff.

We have also been teaching and talking to a bunch more middle Eastern people lately. Its way awesome because we have even started learning a Little arabic now so now whenever we walk up and say "que fak" (Hows it going) they freak out and instantly become our best friends haha.

The Work here is still going really slow but Theres a lot of really neat Places to visit and Things to do to keep us sane up here so thats good. Plus the members are really great and treat us well. This past sunday was also really great because I got to give our recent convert John the priesthood! He is just so awesome and every time we meet with him it just puts me in a great mood. Whenever we meet he teaches me way more Things about the gospel than I could ever teach him. Plus he is insane at the guitar and always goes to random Places to perform.

Anyway, thats about it for this week. Keep on keepin on yall! Love you Guys so much! have a good one!

ps. heres a cannon pointed out over the ocean.