Kronborg Slot‏

Hey yall! Congrats Lindsey on getting accepted to Utah St. man! thats way awesome and Im totally stoked for you!

This week has been pretty fun. We had a distrkt activity to celebrate the final week of the transfer by going up to Kronborg slot in Helsingør. That was a lot of fun just hanging out with my buds and also seeing a bunch of history. The sisters in the distrikt also had a baptism on Saturday which went really great! Finally, like I said it was the last week of the transfer so we got transfer calls on Saturday. I will be staying here in Hillerød and training again so that will be fun.

Yesterday in church we had a great discussion in priesthood about getting answers to prayers and stuff. It got me thinking about how a lot of times it seems like I pray for something and I dont feel like a get an answer for a long time. When this happens, I've learned that you got to keep moving and finding the answer for your self. I compare it to standing in a completely dark room. If you just stand there and not do anything the light is not going to get turned on. You got to start with what you know. for example: I know that light switches are usually on the walls. So the least we can start out doing is slowly moving and finding the walls and then feeling around for the light switch. And eventually we can always get our answer, it just sometimes requires us to act on our own, maybe make our own decisions, and continue to be faithful in keeping the commandments and doing what we're supposed to and eventually it will come. Thats basically my thoughts on yesterday.. Anyways, Have a great week everyone!
Ældste Pike