September 21, 2015

Hey Fam! Glad to hear it was a pretty good week with Homecoming and all! Sounds like a lot of fun. 

This week was a lot of fun for me as well. Last Monday we got to go to the west coast and visit some towns called Hirtshals and Lønstrup. There we got to see a church that was falling into the ocean, a lighthouse being buried by sand and another lighthouse, and a bunch of WW2 bunkers and some nice beaches and stuff. It was great. 

This week we also finally got an appointment with a huge African family we have been teaching and it was awesome cuz they fed us this super authentic African meal like everything they eat in the Congo and stuff. It was way awesome and way yummy. One thing that is kinda crazy though is before the mission I hated eating fish but now its become like seriously one of my favorite things to eat. Like it is so stinkin good! Sorry that was random.

This week we ended up going down to Århus for Stake Konference and it was just awesome cuz all of my areas have been in the same stake so I knew like half the members there it was just awesome! We also got to stay the night over there with 8 other missionaries and it was like the funnest night ever. haha we actually did the pepper challenge where 9 of us ate this freaking hot pepper. Like it was by far the hottest thing Ive ever eaten. I dont even know what its called but out of the 9 of us 3 ended up throwing up it was so hot. Worst experience of my life but it was hilarious watching us all run around like crazy people trying to deal with the pain. 

Anyway, I read a scripture in Alma chapter 55 where it talks about how captain moroni got the Lamanite Guards drunk and rescued the POWs. After this the Lamanites tried doing the same think to the Nephites. It says here " 

31 But behold, the Nephites were not slow to remember the Lord their God in this their time of affliction. They could not be taken in their snares; yea, they would not partake of their wine, save they had first given to some of the Lamanite prisoners.

 32 And they were thus cautious that no poison should be administered among them; for if their wine would poison a Lamanite it would also poison a Nephite; and thus they did try all their liquors."
I read that and I was like well no duh of course if lamanites get poisoned then Nephites are too. Brilliant Mormon. But then I got to thinkin,why would Mormon put this in here. Then I realized that Mormon actually was very wise in putting this in here. I thought particularly about a lesson we had in Priesthood here about the law of chastity and how that is one of the biggest problems not only for people outside the church but also for people inside the church. Just because we are members of the church doesnt mean we are not effected by addictions such as smoking, drinking, pornography, and things like that. We are all here on earth to be tried and quite frankly Satan doesnt really care whether were members or not he just wants to make everyone miserable. So then I was thinking about how I could protect not only myself but my future family from this stuff and after a week or so of studying I came to 4 main things that will help protect us. Daily personal/family prayer, Daily personal/family scripture study, Weekly FHE, and regular temple worship. So that is my new goal for when I get home is to make sure I do the best I can to do these things because I believe that those things really will help protect me and my family. 
Anywho, that was that. Have a great week yall! I love you tons!
Ældste Pike