Hey yall! Im glad to hear that it was a way good week this week! 
This week was pretty good. Last Monday we got to go up and see some sweet German WW2 bunkers overlooking the city. That was way awesome! (see pics below). Other than that though nothing to out of the ordinary. It was kinda up and down with the work as I had about 10 gajillion bike problems. We basically have just spent a ton of time knocking. We got to knock in Skagen a lot which is fun as well as in this little town called Sæby where we found a huge black berry bush on the side of the freeway and ate them ALL! Other than that though nothing too crazy. We dont have to many investigators right now but the ones we do have have been progressing slowly but surely which is exciting. 

Anyway, so theres this video on mormon channel called "Strive" which I have been obsessed with lately. Heres the link:
I love like all the quotes in this video but one that really strikes out to me is D. Todd Christophersons quote. He says, "Strive to be that kind of disciple of the father and the son, and your influence will never fade." Oh man what a promise! Notice that he doesnt say when you are that kind of disciple your influence will never fade, or you have to be a perfect disciple to reach our full potential but he says STRIVE TO BE. One thing that I have learned throughout my mission and the last couple years is that God doesnt really care so much about where we are now. Instead, he cares a lot more about where we are going and who we are striving to become. 

Anywho, hope yall have another great week. I love you guys tons and really appreciate your emails!
Meget Kærlighed,
Ældste Pike